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Girl Baby Shower Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What candy to use for favor bags at baby shower?

    I am trying to figure out what candy I should use for the favor bags at my baby shower. We are having a little girl so I really wanted to get a mixture of pink, purple, and white m&ms but they are going to be way too expensive for how much I may need. I'm trying to keep it on the lower priced side. I am also thinking about putting Cry Baby Gum in there for the baby theme. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  2. What are some unique and out of the box ideas for a baby shower?

    I really want to have something original and not so traditional for my upcoming baby shower. For example, instead of a cake i was thinking about having a candy buffet. What other ideas can you think of? By the way its going to be co-ed also.

  3. What would be a good gift to present to a 10 year old girl whose going to have a new baby sister?

    We're having a baby shower for her mom, and then we are going to sort turn the tables a little and honor the big sister (whose having a little bit of a hard time with the whole thing) and present her with a special gift. Any ideas?

  4. Does anyone have ideas for a baby mickey mouse shower?

    I am having my first baby and want to plan a SUPER great baby shower theme will be baby mickey or mickey mouse, if anyone has ideas or links to site where i can find cool babyshower stuff?? It's a BOY!

  5. What are some ideas for a Baby Shower?

    The baby shower is 2morrow and i just wanted 2 make sure she has a great baby shower cuz this is my aunts first child! Thanks 4 ur help. If a shower was thrown for u or u helped throw on then please help.

  6. I need some baby shower ideas for 2 different themes?

    I have a baby boy and girl after 3 months later, they are twin, I'm very excited about it. I can't go to shop around, so I want to search it from internet.

  7. Themes for a baby shower? Is it weird to have a joint shower?

    My friends is expecting twins daughters on 22nd December and I'm expecting my daughter 27th January. We were planning to have the shower in late November and can't decide on a theme. Any idea's?? Also, is it weird to have a joint baby shower? We are so close, practically like sisters and ironically fell pregnant at the same time. We don't mind sharing, it's celebrating our babies after all, but I wanted to know what you thought? Is it weird or not? Thanks :)

  8. What essential baby items do we need for a 5 month old?

    We are adopting a baby girl who will be around 5 months old when we bring her home. My family wants to throw a shower for me, and wants to know what kind of items we need. What "must haves" should we put on our registry which would be appropriate for our baby for the first few months of her life? Thanks for your help! oops-I meant the first few months of her life after we receive her. So I am really intersted in age appropriate items for her when she is 5, 6, and 7 months old. What items willI we not need to get since we will miss (unfortunately) the first 0-4 month stage of her life.Thanks!

  9. What are some good ideas for a duck/rainbow wedding?

    I'm planning my wedding and decided to start early. I know I want to have rubber ducks be a theme, and also rainbows. The girls will wear rainbow dresses and the guys to match. I also have a rainbow cake in mind, but I need ideas on how to incorporate the ducks and rainbows together. Thanks. After looking at some comments I just want to say that this marriage is between myself and a boy...just to clear things up.

  10. New and cool baby shower ideas?

    What is the latest baby shower theme( for girls) and cool games, punch recipes, gift ideas etc. where can I get invitations on line.?My sister likes retro Raggedy Anne and Andy . I am also having a hard time finding bassinet covers ( for the wicker kind). Can you help?