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Unique Baby Shower Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique ideas for a black and hot pink themed baby shower? Centerpieces for each table? Favors?

    Can't seem to find anything other than diaper cakes. I want this to be really unique and cute! I need any ideas, being it is hard to find anything hot pink and black themed for baby showers.

  2. Whats a good and unique theme for a baby shower?

    I'm planning a baby shower and need to think of a theme but i don't want it to be the old regular winnie the pooh thing. I'm having a boy in june. so give me some ideas and maybe some colors and cute theme names

  3. What is your favorite game(s) to play at a Baby Shower?

    I don't need links to all the sites that are out there with abundant ideas -- my search engine works great! I'm just curious what is your personal favorite game, or perhaps the most unique game you've played at a baby shower?

  4. Ideas for trendy baby shower?

    I am planning a "Mod Mom" themed baby shower for my sister-in-law. The colors are purple and green. I am trying to come up with some unique centerpieces for the tables that will also serve as gifts for a guest at each table. I am trying to come up with something trendy to go with the theme, rather than just flowers or candles. Any ideas?

  5. What is a good baby shower theme?

    I need a baby shower theme for a boy and girl. And I need to no some gifts I should put on the registry and prizes for some games

  6. Unique ideas for a construction themed baby shower?

    I am throwing a baby shower that is construction themed (road work construction) and I am looking for unique decorating ideas. I already have a few ideas - Small orange cones for tables, a large tonka dump truck to place cards in, road work signs, dump truck & bulldozer cookie cutters for favors, baby work boots. I have the invitations and banners picked out... http://www.bigdotofhappiness.com/construction-truck-babyshower-theme.html

  7. Ideas for unique baby shower gift?

    Looking for ideas for quirky and unique baby shower gifts. But since this is the first child to come out of our group of friends, anything that you mothers can suggests are must haves are always appreciated. Baby is female.

  8. I need Unique foods and games for a baby shower?

    I am looking for some unusual foods and Games for a large baby shower and Idea's , thanks in advance..:)

  9. How do you make shower gel?

    How do you make shower gel and what do you need to make it?

  10. 15 year old girl needing a halloween costume?

    Im 15, sophmore in high school and i wanna dress really cute and unique for halloween. I wanna make my own costume at home and do my own makeup and hair because i don't have much money for a costume. Can someone suggest ideas and steps for the costumes or makeup or hair? Also no ghost lol.

  11. How to throw the best baby shower ever.?

    Need ideas for centerpieces, 4 a baby girl. Game n gift ideas 2.