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Cute Baby Shower Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What were your favorite gifts at your baby shower?

    I am going to one of my best friend's baby shower, and I really want to get her something that is really practical and helpful. I have already bought a cute little outfit, but I would love some ideas from moms and what their favorite gifts were! Thanks! p.s. it's a boy!

  2. What are the steps for baby registery, where can we register, and when do we start?

    So first baby, and of course baby shower. I tried going to The Children's Place and asking they do baby registry but they don't. Also to do the whole registry thing do we have to pay for anything? We know nothing about baby showers, and baby registry. So a step by step advice would be great. Like when we should do it and how we should do it.thanks!

  3. What are good 'thank you' gifts for a baby shower?

    So my mom is throwing me a baby shower in a few months and I can't help but want everything just right. I am inviting about 65 people and need some good ideas for 'thank you' gifts to give everyone that comes. Candy is sweet, but . . . I want to put a little something more that really shows my appreciation! Any ideas?

  4. What should i give my friend for her baby shower?

    My friend is having a baby in a few weeks and my other friend has organized a surprise baby shower for her.. So what would be a good gift to get her? Baby clothes or something special for her? i already gave her a special book a little while ago when she first got pregnant so not a book but any ideas would be great :D thanks!

  5. Any pros out there in planning baby showers?

    I have questions about baby showers that I can seem to find the answer to. Please help. When are the party favor bags given out, when the guest arrives or when they're leaving? And what is in the bag, just candy or other stuff as well? Do you give prizes for the games and if so what are some examples of the prizes? How many games should be played? Which one comes before the other: games or the food? Does the food have to be a fancy dish or what would be simple yet appropriate to serve? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Where can I find Looney Tunes Theme for a baby shower?

    I am planning a baby shower for the end of February, but I am trying to get the materials now. If anyone knows anywhere to go or any website....please let me know. And I've already tried Babies R us and Party City

  7. How can I throw a babyshower for my wife?

    Hi, My mother-in-law was planning on having a baby shower for my wife, but due to circumstances such as selling and buying a new house money is a little tight for my in-laws. While my wife says she's not upset, this is our first child and I'm sure she is a little disappointed. How and where can I throw her a good shower for around 30 women in Rhode Island in Febuary/March? Need ideas for location and food and whatnot. I could probably swing $500 maybe a little more if necessary. Thanks.

  8. What to get a new friend for baby shower – boy?

    I met her last night at a dinner with my friend, and she invited me to her baby shower, very sweet of her, except i have no idea what to get her, dont want to make it too expensive or personal...and she has plenty of clothes! She hasnt got a registry - i dont think many people in Australia use a registry system