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Blue And Brown Baby Shower Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. wester themed baby shower ideas for centerpieces?

    i am looking for a centerpiece idea on a baby shower with a western theme. the colors are baby blue and chocolate brown. i am thinking about haystacks and a baby with a hat on them, but i need some pictures or ideas for it.

  2. Need some tips for my baby's first birthday?

    I am just wondering what are some good decoration ideas for my daughter's 1st birthday. I have the happy birthday banner and balloons. I just need a few more ideas. Can you give me any pointers please? Thank you in advance for your help. It doesn't matter if she doesn't remember, I want to remember and i want to be able to take photos of i nice setting to show her when she is older. Rebecca, that is an adorable idea. I am actually making large cake and some cupcakes and you gave me a brilliant idea. Thank you so much : )

  3. Anyone have any cute decor ideas for a fall/harvest baby shower?

    My sister and I are having a baby shower for our other sister. I have been in charge of decorating and need some ideas! The shower is going to be the day after halloween (november 1st). I'm looking for some harvest/fall ideas (i.e. pumpkins, gourds, leaves etc.). Nothing too cheesy...more classy. She is having a boy and her colors are chocolate brown and green with blue accents for the room. Thanks!!!

  4. Baby Shower Theme: Teddy Bears, Clouds, Clothing on a line with clothes pins. Any ideas?

    Need ideas for Decor & food. My colors are Baby blue, Tan & Brown Need ideas for Decor & food. My colors are Baby blue, Tan & Brown The baby shower theme has been picked & hand made invitations sent out my party theme Idea is firm!

  5. I need help with CHEAP baby shower ideas?

    my step-mom is having a baby in March and I have offered to host her baby shower at my house. I need cheap ideas on BABY BOY baby showers. PLEASE

  6. Autumn baby shower for baby boy?

    I'm having a baby shower in October for a baby boy and want to use the fall elements as a theme. I'd love some ideas as to how I can tie in both the autumn feels and rich colors and the baby blues for the "it's a boy!" stuff.

  7. Cowboy baby shower! Need ideas please!?

    I'm throwing a baby shower, which is this Saturday. It's cowboy themed. The colors are blue and brown. I have everything ready to go but the table centerpieces. I need 15 of them, I am on a budget, they also need to hold 3 balloons filled with helium. Please help! It's for a baby boy

  8. baby boy shower themes!!please share!!?

    i need help this is our first!!! and we've tried for 2 years so this is a real blessing!! and so its baby shower time!!! it is a boy so masculine colors like blue grey brown and dark green are in mind..but im looking for a lil theme its a summer shower so bbq food and fresh fruit..something unique and different is a plus..any and all ideas are welcome..so please go crazy...

  9. Baby shower ideas please?

    Themes/colour schemes/party favours etc? Any idea welcome.

  10. Baby shower Ideas!!!!!!!!!!?

    I'm throwing my friend a baby shower. She is due in December. I myself had a baby shower about a year ago but I'm still looking for advice and ideas. We're up for anything!! Also, I was due in november so I had my shower in september. But when is the common time-frame to hold a shower? Thanks so much!!! Its a Boy. His name will be Bralyn. And I LOVE the idea of books instead of cards!

  11. Baby shower?

    Im having a baby shower in a few days, theres going to be about 35-40 people there and most of them are my mothers friends and are older. There is about 6 people under the age of 25 attending. Were trying to decide how many games to play, i always thought games were more fun for younger guests so I don't know how many to do. Any ideas on good games that older guests would enjoy too and how many?

  12. Brown and Blue baby shower HELP!!!!?

    I am putting on a brown and blue babyshower and have no ideas what to put in the center of each table???? I don't want to spent too much but want it to look good. Any ideas??

  13. Food ideas for a baby shower for 60 or more people. Also ideas on decorations for Baby is Brewing theme.?

    Hosting a shower for my sister and want to make it really nice. I am looking for some ideas on Decorations for A Baby is Brewing theme. I already know what the favor is going to be (Coffee mug with coffee packet and chocolate spoon) but need decorations and color scheme. I also need ideas on food, I know there is the usual, Ziti, meatballs, salad etc but I want something different. I am going to cook the food or most of it anyway so I am planning on doing chicken marsala, simple pasta to go along with it salad and rolls. But since there are so many people I need at least two or three entrees and some sides. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Help! Babyshower ideas?

    My bestfriend is having a baby girl (we just found out today) and now I need help with the theme of the party. The issue is my bestfriend pretty much hates pink and purple, but she loves pandas! How can I present girly without using pinks or purples? (She also hates the neutral colors, ie. Green and yellow) The shower will be in late febuary and I think we are renting a hall, if that helps. Also what are some cute games that we could play using the panda somehow? We already know for sure we are playing the toliet paper game (the mom wants to) and maybe bingo while shes opening the gifts. Anyother fun and cute game ideas. Most of the people at the shower will be in their mid 20s, but mothers and granparents will be present. And we are NOT playing the candybar diaper game. Please help! Thanks guys :)

  15. Sims 2 Story Ideas????

    I have Sims 2, nightlife, univeristy, freetime, pets, weather, teen stuff, and bon voyage. Do you have any story ideas?


    okaay , im having a home spa party next wweeeek for my 13th b-day. I was thinking about chocolate face masks, cucumbers, nail polish, hair stuff, everythingg! anything else i should have? also, what decorations should i have? (colors, lamps?, whatever..!) +++++, good music list. first person to answer everything good GETS 10 POINTS BY TOMORROW! answer mine, i'll answer yours (: