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Easy Baby Shower Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Know of any fun casino/poker night type games to play at a Casino themed birthday party?

    I am throwing a casino night birthday party for my husband. I want it to be fun for our guests. I want my guests to play games but I don't want to tie anyone down to a table (to deal all night). And I can't afford to hire dealers. And I don't think they want to play games all night anyway, so I need ideas on quick and easy games to play. Kind of like baby shower games. I have awesome prizes but need help with the games.

  2. What are your best ideas for a jungle themed baby shower?

    We'll be making the invitations (and matching thank you notes), but need ideas for food, decorations, games, prizes, etc. Best ideas gets 10 points! :) Sorry, but *I* didn't ask for opinions on the shower theme. It matches her nursery bedding, and that's that.

  3. What do I need to have for a new born baby?

    I need to know what furniture, clothing, and other necessities to properly bring home my newborn baby.

  4. What items can i buy for a newborn that is coming in February now?

    My babys coming in February 2009. I had an idea to buy things like diapers, formula. wet wipes etc. a little every week, so that by the time the baby is born, i will have a stockpile of things so I wouldnt be spending so much later on. what can i buy now that will last the next few months (little things not a crib or car seat of course) that will last?

  5. Need Ideas for Birthday dinner at a restuarant?

    Hi guys!! I need your help. Ok i'm about to print out invitation for my sister's 26th birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Ok well before I print them, i'm trying to think of ways to make the dinner fun even though it's limited things that can be done at a restaurant with no seperate birthday room. Have any ideas? Game ideas? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

  6. Are there any government grant programs online that my dad can apply to for free?

    My dad is on SSI Disability and hardly makes enough to pay for our house and feed 3 hungry mouths not including his. We also have a baby on the way. So that'll put even more strain on my dad's wallet. So are there any government grants out there that can help us out without having to pay for an application fee.

  7. How early in your prenancy did you start shopping?

    I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and really want to start shopping, for things like the crib, changing table etc... What things do you recomend I buy, and what should I wait on for the shower?