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Dining Table Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Ideas for Changing 80's Style Country Home to a Rich Tuscan or Mission Style on TIGHT Budget?

    House is currently 80's country. The woodwork is lt golden oak, white cabinetry & shiny hardware, shiny brass glass fixtures - my style is Tuscan, darker woods, marble, iron, rich earth tones. Mission also appeals to me, again, medium to dark woods, black iron, ect. I am repainting the entire interior - walls & ceilings - that's already in the budget & is top priority. I'm thinking a shade similar to latte but w/ a neutral to slightly warm cast to it due to the woodwork. I want to incorporate as much antique looking black accent as possible, I love the old look & I have a lot wrought iron decor pieces. For furniture, I'm thinking leather, classic medium brown leather sofa/chair, need to find a dining table that is that lt wood, hopefully with some black iron accents. The LR has a stone fireplace, though it's grey instead of tan which seems odd to me. Very tight budget - suggestions to incorporate my tastes into this home? Photos for ideas? What type of hardware would you suggest? Repainting the cabinets, as much as I would love to, isn't really practical right now. I can't afford to have them done and it's just not possible for me to do them myself at this point in time & have them look nice. What about window treatments? I'm a "less is more" person. I'd like matching iron hardware on all the windows but not sure what kind of curtains I want. There are bright white wooden blinds on the bedroom windows but not the living room/dining room. Privacy wise, I'm ok with sheers though ... Color suggestions? I also really like plants and am thinking some hanging drapping type plants in front of the large dining window (which faces back yard) would add a degree of privacy but not block too much light and view. I saw some pretty wroung iron hangning pots that were inexpensive. I just don't want to go overboard with the black.

  2. How do I stop my Boston Terrier from jumping on our dining room table when we're not home?

    We have a Boston Terrier that LOVES to jump on our table and ruin anything that's on our dining table. We never leave food on the table, but she'll ruin flowers, placemats, anything that's left on the table. She doesn't chew up anything else around the house, but if it's on the table, she'll ruin it. She knows it's wrong because she'll only do it when we're not home. I hate not having some type of decor on our beautiful table...any ideas of how to stop the jumping dog from getting on the table????

  3. What do I need to know about tablecloths?

    I am buying my first tablecloth for my dining room table. I will only be using it when I have people over for dinner. I also want to get matching cloth napkins. How do I measure for a tablecloth? Do I just measure the perimeter of the table? How do I know if I am getting a quality tablecloth? Is there a thread count like sheets? Where can I find a nice one for not too much money? And do I still use placemats with tablecloths? I assume no, but how do I clean them if there is a spill? What is the best way to get out stains. My dining table is cherrywood and I think a lighter tablecloth would look best. Plus, I can use it all year round. Any ideas?

  4. How do I transform my dining room into a train carriage for murder mystery dinner?

    Hi there, Can anyone help me with simple ideas on how to make my dining room look as though it's set on a train in the 1940's. Any ideas would be much appreciated..

  5. How can I make a paint job look natural?

    I have a oak table and chair set that I want to paint black with deep burgundy undertones or dark brown. Does anyone know which brushes and types of paint to use to make my table and chairs look as natural as possible. I appreciate it! edanddeb98, did you even read my question?

  6. What are some simple party ideas for adults?

    Guest of honor is a 26 year old woman. a laid back crowd. There will be at least one kid there so need pg ideas. Decor, food, fun type ideas please.

  7. Can you give me ideas/help for decorating single guy's house?

    I'm a thirty-year-old single guy. I like dogs, the outdoors, my Jeep Wrangler, autumn, good wine, travel, photography... I'm trying to integrate my "likes" into my home. I have painted my living/dining room two colors of khaki, and a chalkboard-green wall. I have a brown leather couch, and walnut tables and bookcases. I've also remodeled my guest bathroom - new flooring, hardware, paint, etc. However, I'm trying to get ideas on decorating... accent pieces, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture (blank slate right now) and my own bathroom. I need help finding websites for "bachelor pads" and masculine design (not a lot of flowery-things). I'd like to redo the kitchen with the small tiles as a backsplash. I'd like to find websites/books/magazines that show off a masculine home. Pictures are a must!! The main goals are to have a cool guy's house and up the resale value. Serious responses only... any help is appreciated. Thanks! As I said, folks... I need pictures, websites, magazines, etc. While I appreciate the suggestions, does no one know of ANY place to LOOK at pictures to get ideas? That's what I'm wanting.

  8. How do i determine if there are too many candles in the living room decor?

    My husband says there are way too much candles in the house! We have an open concept living area...so i want to give you a idea of what it looks like. When you walk in through the front door there is a entry table w/ mirror and on either sides there are candle scones. To the left is the formal dining area-this room has no candles. Walk in a bit further is the open concept, kitchen on the left there are 5 candles on top of the "L" shaped cabinets and i added two baskets with greenery. Next to it is our main eating area and i have another 2 candle wall scones next to one of the windows and there is a small table in the corner...with of course a candle :) Then to the right of the main eating area is my 21X21 living room with a fireplace as it's focal point. In my living room there are two tall candle holders by the FP, then on one of the end tables there are 2 candle holders, the wall above love seat has 2 candle wall scones (they are small candles) with script writing in between them and then the other side table has one tall candle holder. My walls are taupe, chocolate couches with wood enlay, 60 inch TV is next to the FP, and red-berry is my decorating color theme. So there is a berry pillow on the wingback chair, there's berry colored candles, there's also berry color in the accent pillows (among some other earth tone colors) as well as the area rug. I "think" i consider my theme as 'traditional'. So do i have way too much candles??

  9. What would be a good background to use for a family Christmas photo?

    I'm looking for a good idea to use for a Christmas background for a family photo of my girlfriend and I that we could include our cat in. I would like something other than the traditional Christmas tree or fire place. Also I would like to do it with out using editing software like Photoshop.

  10. How do I describe my theme for my made up restaurant?

    It's a spanish restaurant I see rocky walls and dimly lit areas with a candle at each table 90 seats for dining, 10 seats for bar area I'd like soft spanish music in the background expensive wooden chairs and tables the colour scheme is dark reds and browns I have no idea about the decor, ambience, landscaping etc. Can someone help me describe a beautiful spanish restaurant?

  11. What color art work should I use on my white walls?

    I rent my apt, and I have powder blue carpet in the living room, with a black sofa and black dining set and red oak coffee table, and I need ideas for colors for art work to put up on my white walls.

  12. how do i make a great room more colorful without painting walls?

    I live in a newer house in the Pacific Northwest. My landlords (my parents) don't want me to paint any of the walls since it was freshly painted in November... too bad the color is an off-white/creme, creme trim & tan carpet. My couch is a tan leather so it all blends way too much. Our kitchen is mahogany with blue/grey/green stone floors & black appliances. What colors would go good for the great room (living, kitchen, dining)... without having to paint the walls? I tried getting really colorful artwork (our theme is along the spanish-mexican heritage, our favorite vacation spot) but it still seems lacking... would rugs, painted furniture, curtains help out? I'm also on a tight budget... prefer not to spend anything over $50.00 on decorating items... do you know of any websites or stores in the state of Washington that could help me? Best answer gets points!

  13. What would be a good restaurant for a business person to go to for a business lunch?

    I'm doing a project and need a couple of restaurants in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Also, I need to know some places, again in Vancouver and Portland, for a family with young kids to visit for the weekend, for a retired couple and for a business person. Any ideas on any of these?

  14. What do you think of, when you think of a Japanese style home?

    It's for a bed room, I'm tossing about some ideas for new decor. What do you think of when you think Japanese style homes? I think of a lot of red lanterns for some reason. Anything like traditional Japan come to mind?

  15. What do you think of when a french restaurant come to mind?

    When you think of a French restaurant, what comes to mind? what does it look like to you from the decor, to service? I need some ideas. Im opening a restaurant in next year or so and i want to know what people think when they go to a french restaurant?

  16. Question about my living room?

    Me and my boyfriend have a small apartment and our living room and dining room doesn't have a wall seperating it just a big opening. Does anyone have any decor' ideas to make my dining room and living room look seperated? or look like its to different rooms?

  17. Looking for some Nice Cushions to sit on for a dining experience. I'm not using chairs. Any ideas?

    I went to this Moroccan Restaurant along time ago and they sit on these nice round cushions that were very comfy. I'm trying to find somemore like that or something that people use in a traditional sense to sit down and eat. I don't wnt to use chairs. And my table will be atg least 2 feet off the ground. I'm aiming for a worldly, relaxing, eclectic approach for my dining room. Anyone know any great websites, or what types of cushions I can be looking for?