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Fall Dining Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best resatuarant to eat at in Las vegas?

    I am leaving for Vegas on Monday morning and was just curious to see if anyone could give me some suggestions on bars and resaturants that have great food and atmosphere without being too pricy.

  2. Where is a good place to take a first vacation?

    My boyfriend and I are looking to go on a vacation next august. We have been together for two years and have never been on a vacation. We have secured a babysitter for about a week and we would like to go somewhere nice and carribean like. I am torn between a cruise, or going somewhere like jamaica or aruba. what is your opinion?

  3. How can I pull two different style rooms together?

    Okay, the real kicker is I paint furniture, even hand painted detail, not using a stencil. But I just can't seem to form a color scheme in my mind that will pull my dining room furniture together with my living room furniture. My dining room is shabby chic. I have a huge antique dresser I painted white and added an antique cabinet on top of it. It is a wonderful piece. I have been offered as much as 1200 dollars for it. I have a large dining table and high back antique chairs that I have also painted the creamy white. We bought new leather suite for the living room. I just fell in love with it. I have added dark cherry and solid mahogany antiques as well as an enormous cherry armoire. I want to go for the warmer colors and make the decor flow more evenly. So what would you suggest I do to paint the dining room furniture? I truly need color ideas, painting design ideas. I just don't want to go to a solid color black or red. Something difficult to accomplish would be right up my alley. Oh, and I can't strip these pieces to re stain them. The woods don't match and the finish was in bad shape or I wouldn't have painted then to begin with. Thanks for you suggestions and links or photos would be very helpful. The style of the living room is traditional. The leather is medium brown. The dining room style is "Shabby Chic" which is creamy white, not stark white. for the one asking about the scheme, the furniture is dark cherry and mahogany which are both dark rich woods. Thanks

  4. Cheap November/Thanksgiving decor ideas?

    Totally bummed how everyone likes to move straight from halloween to xmas decor. What happened to Thanksgiving? Anyway, my patio and doorway is totally bare after removing the carved pumpkins, giant spiders and fake spiderwebs and I need some cheap ideas to decorate them and get me in Thanksgiving mode. Whatcha got?

  5. Two Dining room tables?

    I need advice!!! I have a pretty nice size dining room. My husband and I was giving a beautiful tuscan glass bistro table. Now we have two tables in our dining room. I didn't mind it at first, but we have company over alot and I fell like it's not working out. Is 2 tables in a dining room a decor no-no? What are my options with that space(the bistro table is now by the fireplace)

  6. Any suggestions for a nice thanksgiving table?

    I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. There are going to be about 12 people at my apartment for the meal. We are going to have to seat people at two tables that do not match each other. One is a tall pub table with backless stools and the other is a normal dining table so we cannot just push them together to create one long table. I do not have place settings for 12 so we are going to have to use paper plates and plastic cups and flatware. Do you have any suggestions for making this a nice looking meal. I do not have a ton of money to spend on it. We have a buffet table that we are going to use for all of the food to be set out on. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer to me. I would like to make it look nice for everyone. Thanks!

  7. Best apartment shopping?

    Can you tell me some good places to shop for an apartment, stuff that is contemporary, and comtemporary-vintage?

  8. Should I seat my toddler at the table in a regular chair or booster?

    My husband bought these four chairs that you can twirl around for the kitchen decor and when we put our son in one he's not yet three he proceeds to act up twirling around even when we tell him to stop and so on, so should I just go on and put him in a booster. How old should a child be before you place them in the kitchen chair? Also he will stop eating and get down, then he will get back into the chair and start eating again he will do this two or three times if I let him. I thought that it was bad enough when he use to be in a highchair and I had to get up and fill his drink and so on. But now it's even more exhausting the up and down.

  9. Headbands?

    I have about 15 headbands & i was wondering good ways 2 hold them...I had them on a shelf but they just got messy & i started losing them. I was thinking about a towel holder but some headbands fall off of it. if u have any ideas how I could hold or store them that would be great! Thankx!

  10. A Few Questions For People Fluent In German or Native Speakers?

    Okay, on a layover in Germany while flying to the Middle East last fall, I had a chance to look at a lot of signs in German, and I have a few questions. I don't speak or read German, but I can tell a verb from a noun, simply because I do know other languages, and because my native language, English, is also a Germanic language. My first question is are ALL nouns capitalized, or just certain ones? Can you please elaborate on that? Secondly, it appears that pronouns are capitalized. Is that true? Is it true for all pronouns, or just certain ones? Again, can you please elaborate? My third question is does German have cases (i.e. special endings attached to the root of a word which indicate what part of speech it is in a sentence)? Finally, does it have "formal" pronouns which are used when addressing people you don't know very well? For instance, in French, even if it's only one person, you use the plural version of "you" if you don't know them well. Thanks for helping! And no, this is not a homework assignment. I stopped doing homework years ago. I am just curious about the language, and the person I know who could answer all those questions, my older brother (he taught it and was fluent), died years ago.

  11. Hospitality (Cooking class) Project, i need help !?

    I have a hospitality project i have to do within 2 weeks, but that is kind of hard if you ever seen my class they never be quite so the teacher never finishes what he's saying, so he sits there and lets everyone talk. This is what he has told us so far... (from the sheet) Create a business plan for a new restaurant , in an historic downtown location. Your plan shall include the following: 1) Frontal sketch of building with colour 2) Capacity of 40 patrons 3) Floor plan layout on grid paper 4) Furnishing choices 5) Furnishing and decor pricing 6) Complete kitchen equipment line-up on grid paper 7) Kitchen equipment pricing 8) Menu layout complete with pricing ___________ |____(B)____| .. Section 'A' must include: |__________| .. A) Foyerz - 8'x8'=64' |(A) Patrons | .. B) Washrooms - 8'x8'+8'x12'=160' (Including handicap) |_500sq'____| .. C) Service Area - 48sq' ... ... ... D) Bar 90sq' (The dimensions from section 'A' are to be added onto the 500sq' which would make it 862sq') Section 'B' must include: A) Equipment B) Refrigeration C) Dry food storage D) Washing + Clean up E) General Storage Our budget is $250,000, That is all i have so far, i will add more when i get more imformation on it

  12. I have a wreath and I' m not sure where to put it?

    I recently moved out of my husband's house and back into my parents house. My mom is the most non-festive person you'll ever meet. The only holiday decorating she does is a Christmas tree and that's it! So naturally when I got married and moved out, I decorated for every single holiday. I just moved back in and brought my Thanksgiving decor. With it is a very pretty fall-looking wreath that I hung on my front door. Problem is, when I got to mom's house, she has all french doors! The front doors, the back doors, and even a set of french doors in the dining room! There is, however, one single door in the seating area of the kitchen that goes into a courtyard. The courtyard has 6 ft tall brick walls all around it, though. Would the wreath look ok there, or should I try to find a matching wreath, or should I just box it up and save it for next year when I've got a place of my own (and will make sure the place of my own has one single front door for wreaths)?

  13. can you carpet over tile?

    about a year ago i had tile installed on my home but winter is here and i was wondering if i could get carpet installed over the tile without getting the tile damage