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Christmas Dining Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Please help me describe a Christmas party!?

    I am currently writing a story, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me describe a party scene. It is a Christmas party, held in a mansion. Can you please write down a gorgeous description of the decor, the food, the music and anything else you can come up with. Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!

  2. birthday party decorations?

    What is the best way to hang birthday party decor? Streamers, confetti and ribbon. If you are wishing to enhance one particular area....what do you do with the streamers and ribbon to make it look most festive? (in a personal home, kitchen area to be exact...or possibly living room).

  3. hELP with room decor!!!!?

    Ok I am 11 yrs old and i am going up 2 high school in september and i wanted my room looking grownup so i painted my walls (two hot pink and three lavander) and brought new furniture (all white with frosted glass bits on the frount) and my floor is red with tiny white flowers I have in my room: A White desk with built in shelves, A dining room chair with red seat bit, pink curtains, bed with cover to match walls and curtains, hamster in yellow hamster cage, oak set of drawers, white clothes cupboard, white set of drawers, white bedside table, lavander lamp, 3 shelves in pine, silver chair, gold mirror, white mirror, purple flower painting on wall. I have bits and bobs like a plate collection and a model fairy collection and a grey box tv that i dont know where to put! I looked at the Feng Shui stuff and tryed to do that to my room but it still lookes like it is for a 9 yr old! I cant repaint the walls but i think i might get a new carpet soon but what colour? I also want my room to look a bit lighter without cost's. I cant buy anything major like new curtains or new lights or things but i might be able to get things like alarm clocks and pic frames. Thanks!