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Round Dining Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Is it ok to have a very asian dining room in a transitional/traditional home?

    We have a very asian dining room set. We have moved to a very traditional home - our style is more transitional/traditional but I always wanted a round table so I bought this 66" round table which is very asian looking. I could not sell it before we moved.

  2. HOW do I decorate my room, for cheap?

    Im about to move into an apt, and my room is a large, square space with nothing on the walls and outdated carpet.. its basically empty and void of decor.. how can i make it simple, fun and pleasant to inhabit, for cheap? Im open to wild suggestions, I'm even considering a tent, or some kind of silly theme

  3. what color should i paint my living room on looking to a play room which is separated by a sectional sofa?

    my sectional sofa has dark brown leather across the bottom and back, then where you sit it is beige microfiber. i was going to paint an accent wall the bark brown and the rest the beige, but someone told me that my couches would just blend into the wall. what color should i paint?

  4. Where is a good place to rent a room for a party in Houston?

    We need to host ~100 people and would like to play loud music have lots of dancing, and are having trouble finding a place like that. Thanks so much for your help!

  5. wheres the best place to eat and drink on edinburgh scotland?

    my daughter and me are going for a weekend - it just happens to coincide with burns night. As I've never been before does anyone have suggestions for reasonably priced establishments? I also like cheap and cheerful - don't go for 'fine dining'

  6. How do I make my naked apartment look awesome!?

    There's nothing in my apartment right now. It's super tiny. But basically empty, and it looks boring. My interior designer friends...help me brainstorm? :)

  7. Do they include breakfast at Disney Resorts?

    We are staying in the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney World in Florida. We were wondering if breakfast is included or if we would have to buy it on our own. Thank you in advance.

  8. Do you have any ideas for a birthday party?

    I am 13 my birthday is in july 21 what ideas do you have for a party I want something cool with alot of music and there no budget for me!!!

  9. How do I make a birthday cake?

    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1370/1064384989_de27dbd7c6.jpg how do i make this cake in the middle? i cannot buy it right now so I decided to make it....anyone know how to make birthday cakes like these?

  10. Can you write an amusing paragraph or 2 or more that includes these phrases?

    As always...this is not a homework assignment. Just some creative fun on YA....so have some fun, my friends! 1. I think it was the work of a deranged interior decorator. 2. When you're going through hell, don't slow down. 3. Now THAT'S entertainment. 4. What would Matt Dillon and Sunshine do at a time like this? 5.She's a witch! A witch, I tell you!! 6. Noooooooooo....that would NOT be okay.

  11. Any ideas for red & white table decor?

    How are yall setting up your dining tables for your guests? Im thinking candles, w/ the favors where they sit. **for a wedding**

  12. List of decent pubs/bars in Brighton?

    Just wondered if anyone could recommend some good places to check out on a Saturday night- Good atmosphere, a few drinks offers/deals, a pool table (not essential), and a good size are a few key points. We're staying in a hotel opposite the pier, but will walk into the main centre. Cheers!

  13. I want to paint my dining room chairs, can I use this?

    They're just normal dining room chairs, can I just use a primer & undercoat mix? or do I need to use something else/ do anything else to them? Could I also use this paint on the table legs? http://www.diy.com/nav/decor/paint/preparation-undercoats/combined_primers___undercoats/B-and-Q-Quick-Wood-Primer-and-Undercoat-White-10299450#BVRRWidgetID