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Dining Table Decor Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What will be the good Disney restaurants to use the Disney Dining Plan vouchers for 1 adult and 2 kids x 4days

    Hi, I will be taking 2 kids to Disney later this month, and I was told to make reservations for dining in the restaurants inside the park. We have purchased the meal plan for 4 days. Can someone recommend any good restaurants to experience? The ages of the 2 kids are 5(girl) and 7(boy). Many thanks, Joann

  2. How do increase the value of my flat?

    I've got a leasehold on a nice one-bedroom ground floor flat in a London cul-de-sac and I'm looking for ways to push the value up. Any particular home-improvement nuggets I should be aware of? Suggestions with estimated costs especially welcome.

  3. How to decorate and organize an apartment?

    I am moving into my first apartment in August and I want to make it cozy and comfortable but also cute and stylish. What are some tips to decorate it (cheap) and organize all of my things(also cheap) Thank you :)

  4. What will I need for my new house?

    Me and my newly married wife have bought our first house and we have no clue what we need to buy! Please provide exquisite details for each of the following rooms: Kitchen Dining Room Living Room Office Master Bedroom Thanks for everyone who answers!!! If this helps, I live in the USA.

  5. How to decorate my living & dining room?

    Help! I just repainted my living & Dining a kinda dark tan color and have accent wall by the stairs Red my furniture is all brown/dark brown its all pretty open i can see the kitchen from the living room and dining room so i need help with the decor curtain, wall art, carpet,etc what color should they be? I like the modern/ contemporary look

  6. Tuscan themed dining room and living room ideas?

    My house is a raised ranch. My living rrom and dining room, hallway and entry way are all the same wall basically. I painted it a mustard yellowy golden color for walls. The ceiling is a buttery yellowish color. I have a dining room set that could adapt to the Tuscan theme. I am changing my old living room furniture. What should I buy? I want a love seat and 2 side chairs only. Coffee table and probably 1 end table. I was looking on line for pictures of Tuscan decor. I can't find them. I'm finding pictures of places in Italy but not appropriate for my budget or taste. What colors should I buy for furniture? My kitchen is in a dark red brickcolor which goes well with the gold in the other rooms, since you see all the rooms as you come up the staris and I have red and gold accent pieces in my kitchen. Can someone help? it sound like it's bright. But it really isn't with everything put back into it. I wish I could show you guys a picture. At night, especially, the room look like they glow.

  7. Decorating Ideas for a Rent House?

    I recently moved into a rent house and would like some ideas about decorating. Of course I can't paint or do anything permanent to the house, but I really want to make it feel comfortable and like home. Any personal ideas you have or websites would be great.

  8. What do you think of themes for different rooms in a house???

    Some themes being palm trees and tropical, beach, african safari, and jungle.....