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Modern Dining Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Moved into a new home, need light fittings, rugs, etc. Where is the best place to go for modern home interior?

    We need light fittings, rugs, dining table and many other things to go into our new modern home. Where is the best place, town or area that we could find modern home interior designs?

  2. What color palette could I use for my table scape that matches my plates?

    I am trying to put together a table scape(low cost) for my dining table. Its a 4 seat black square table. My dishes are from my great grandmothers china collection. Thery're white with a 1 in very light blue band trimmed by a thin silver line. With that in mind, what colors could I use for napkins, centerpieces etc. I want some color but I'm hopeless with decorating color schemes!

  3. How do you make a football goal to use as a birthday party decoration?

    I am making a football field on the dining room table out of construction paper and white paint and I would love to have some goals. My 6 year old is helping with the decor of my 2 year olds party so it needs to be simple.

  4. I am looking to buy a mid-century modern dining room table.?

    We recently purchased a 1950s ranch home. We are in the process of decorating and we are trying to go with an "atomic ranch" style decor. Can anyone point me in the direction of any mid-centry modern websites that might carry a dining set that is from this era? We have a few that we really like and obviously we troll the local shops and craigslistings, but just in case there's something we missed any help would be much appreciated. thanks!

  5. I have a big denier party and i want to decorate my dining table with modern decorations?

    my table is very long 22 people can eat on it

  6. what would be a good pic to hang above my desk, which in the living room beside my dining table?

    wall is orange. ok what are ur fav pics?

  7. What chairs look best with Acrylic Table?

    I'm purchasing a rectangle acrylic dining table from Ikea and want to know what chairs will look the best with it. I don't want acrylic chairs and I was thinking maybe black fabric straight back chairs. Just need some advice. My decor in my home is mostly black/white/grey/silver and I want to stay with that theme

  8. Can anyone recommend good places to eat out or visit in the Denver area?

    I'm visiting a friend in the Denver area in a few months. They're new to the area too, but I want to make the most of the vacation. We'll be at a hotel on 16th Street for 2 nights (for the night before and after a Broncos game). We just want a few suggestions for places to go and hang out, eat, and just generally have fun!!

  9. What is your favorite restaurant in Disney World?

    We've tried a good portion of the restaurants in Disney but I would like to know some other peoples favorites. Any restaurant recommendations for two single 20-something gals with no kids?

  10. Help! I need inexpensive decorating tips!?

    I am moving into a 2 bedroom duplex this week. I am on a very tight budget, but im looking for inexpensive decor ideas! The floors are tile (brown color and they are gorgeous!) and the bedrooms are carpeted in brown. Cabinets in kitchen and bathroom are oak. All fixtures/door knobs are brushed aluminum.

  11. Any suggestions on house interiors ?

    I want to do interiors for my newly contructed flat, which is on 6th floor. It is 2 room - kitchen. I need advices regarding painting house, interior constuctions, furniture selection-arrangement etc. Pls refer me about any websites or blogs or information, from where I could benefited to decore my house.

  12. What is your Dream House?

    My Dream house would be located in Coronado, California next to the beach. There would be big windows in the living room with paintings on the wall and marble floor. each room would be designed and I want my house to look rich.