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Dining Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Which Halloween skull should I get for my dining table decor?

    Hi all. I've found this site by chance. It's so surprise that it contains many Halloween skulls that I can get for my friends and myself. http://skulls.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=322988 http://skulls.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=323896 http://skulls.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=320434 http://skulls.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=315717 What is your opinion? I want to pick the most interesting piece to display in the center of dining table.

  2. What is the best type of rock to make a table top ?

    Scenario: You are a famous furniture designer. One of your clients has requested that you design a dining table with the following requirements: i. the table must harmonize with the oriental interior d├ęcor of his apartment, ii. the table top should be made of natural minerals, iii. the minerals must be in its natural form (ie. it must not be chemically treated and chemical coating should not be applied to the table top). After days of putting your creative juices in action, you managed to design a dining table that is of award-winning quality. However, you need to do some research on minerals to determine the most suitable one to be used as the table top. After completing the first phase of your research, you decided to focus and research further on the following 3 rock types: i. Metamorphic Rock (Pumice) ii. Igneous Rock (Marble) iii. Sedimentary Rock (Sandstone) Also put in mind cost , durability , aesthetics

  3. What can I apply to a table made of very soft wood to protect it?

    We bought a very nice dining room table, made of a beautiful wood with decor on the top corners. Much to our dismay the wood is so soft you can literally groove it by tapping your nails on it. We are now in a situation where it is to be used as our only table and with 3 children, and many young relatives, we are looking to put something on it to maybe harden it, without losing the look and design of the wood. We have considered glass, but are wondering if there are any other alternatives.

  4. I need advice on how to re-upholster the fabric on the seats for 6 dining chairs.?

    I have a varnished wooden dining table with six matching chairs. The chairs each have an electric blue faux suede fabric as the seat. The fabric is stapled onto the cushioned seat and then screwed into the chair. I wish to change them to either a grape or deep red colour to match my decor. How would I do this and where would I locate the right hard-wearing material to re-upholster?

  5. Acceptable distance from dining table to chandelier?

    I am replacing my dining table lighting and have an 8 foot ceiling. How low can the lighting be to the table with it looking out of place?

  6. My sofa moves on the floor, no carpet underneath, what can I do to make it immovable and constant?

    Its hard to sit on the sofa, as it slids back when we try to sit on it. I am redecorating my living room, so I need to put something under the sofa legs to make it stand still. Help please. Also, suggest what more to add to living room. I only have flat tv, tv stand, a chair, sofa, tea pot, a lot of empty space and dining table behind the sofa. I am going to add painting frames on the walls. Suggest any thing else that I can try to add. Thankx.

  7. Where is the best place to buy nautical/coastal furniture and decor in Savannah?

    I want some unique living and dining tables and dining chairs.

  8. which of the following shows a good example of rhythm used in a room's decor?

    A) an arched line at the tops of dining room chairs repeated in a sofa back, a mirror top, and a window's drapery line B) a rectangular red area rug, oval-backed dining chairs, and a blue dining table C) a dark blue print pillow on a white sofa and a light green, solid colored pillow on a wooden chair D) an oval coffee table in front of an L shaped sofa help me out :]

  9. Survey question about my oval office decor?

    I was thinking about getting a presidential style desk but its really not my style. My bed is my desk/dining table. Usually I lounge around in my blue robe with the presidential seal but last night I wore my black bra trimmed in white lace with a very short black silk half slip and black thigh high stockings and the crumbs were very annoying. Any thoughts or suggestions?