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Kitchen Table Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some ideas for decorating my Kitchen in a Mexican Rustic theme....?

    My colors are Red & Turquoise & Already have a string of Chili peppers & a huge plant pot with a mexican mosaic on it & im getting a huge rustic solid wood kitchen table. Please send me any links to stores, any pics of dishes, decor, paint, back splashes, floors counter tops, anything & Every thing....I live in the the Fort Worth, TX area in case that helps...

  2. Does anyone know of a good website to look at bistro style ceiling light fixture?

    I am redecorating and I am interested in a country french theme. I want a casual (yet classy) lighting fixture to go above my kitchen table. My kitchen has expresso and cream cabinets with brushed nickel knobs and hazelnut colored walls. Any ideas?

  3. What are some traditional themes for kitchen decor?

    I want something nice and not tacky. I'm not into animals or the frutis (apples, watermelons).. I had picked out a wine theme but my religious family members would not shut up about how wrong I was. Any ideas? I'm no interior decorator, so I need something that will be easy to find and correlate together. Thanks in advance!

  4. How can I be smart about my money before I move out?

    I'm 18 and looking to move out of my mom's place before the end of the year, preferably in a couple months. I make about $750 bi-weekly not including commission or bonuses (I made $150 worth of bonuses and commissions last month but I don't want to include that as it changes every month). However I give my mom $250 from every paycheck which usually winds up in my giving her about $750 a month though sometimes $500. I don't like going under a $150 or even $200 in my bank account so basically I have $900 to work with every month. I'm working on my wardrobe currently. After I graduated I lost my high school persona and moved very much into a business driven individual. I stopped wearing jeans,T-Shirts and sneakers and started wearing dresses,skirts and formal wear as soon as I started working for corporate. Right now I have about 10 work formal outfits, 4 semi formal outfits and about 4 casual outfits. I don't see myself buying any more casual clothes. I just don't like jeans and tshirts, I enjoy dressing semi-formally and knowing that I look very nice wherever I go. I want about another 7 outfits before I move out, 5 shirts I figure will cost me $140 as I usually spend $25-30 on a nice shirt, 2 more dresses-$70, 3 more skirts-$90 and two pairs of work pants probably $60. I also want another three pairs of shoes as I have three pairs of heels and a pair of heeled leather boots. I want two more pairs of heels which I figure will cost me $90 and a pair of flats about $25. I think that would be enough as far as clothing goes though I'm scared I'm spending too much on clothes. If anybody has any ideas where to buy quality formal/semi-formal clothing for work for cheaper than the prices I listed please feel free to mention them. :) I really need them to be quality though because I don't want to have to buy more clothes a couple months from now because my other clothes are faded or worn out already. Other than clothes I would need to put away a certain amount of money for furniture. I have a bed with a great wooden frame and drawers under it though I would want a new mattress because mine has a few tears and it's not as comfortable as I would like, I have a dresser, bookcase,desk and office chair that I can take with me. I would be moving into an apartment so most kitchen stuff would be supplied. I don't really want a TV because I don't like watching it. I would need living room furniture, a kitchen table, chairs and other misc furniture and decor. I would also like to have enough for a few months rent saved up and paying a monthly payment on a used car might be trouble too though once I have my own car I plan on packing in the overtime. How can I best organize my money starting next paycheck?

  5. Any ideas for redoing cushions and curtains for a camper trailer?

    My husband and I are redoing a camper trailer and are looking for ideas to fix it up it's a1972 model. We are redoing the floor and needing to put up a door in the bathroom, retiling the kitchen wall. I've been looking for a web site with any tips to go to.

  6. What are some creative, unique, ideas for a theme dinner?

    I need to plan a dinner for 35 university officials in March. It can be anything classy or fun or informal. The theme needs to be used in the menu, entertainment, and decor...

  7. I'm looking for ideas to decorate my kitchen in a french bistro style nothing expensive. Any ideas?

    I live in an apartment so I can't do anything major. Some websites with ideas on decor would be great.

  8. What would be a good furniture to include in a tiny staff room?

    I want to re-do the staff room at the daycare that I just took over managing. Right now it is used more for storage than anything else. It has a galley-style kitchenette and is very small and L shaped. Ideas anyone?

  9. How do I decorate a farm house in modern style?

    I love mid century modern homes but they are rare in Connecticut. So my husband and I ended up buying a farm house. How do I decorate a farm house when I love 1950s and 1960s decor?

  10. Where to hide a Cat Litter Box in a Condo?

    Any Ideas? well I meant, hide from Guests? Like in the bathroom cabinet? closet? any creative ideas?

  11. How can I use this to decorate my house?

    I found the most beautiful apothecary jar at a garage sale and want to use it as decor in my cottage style house. It is about a 2 gallon size and I thought of a terrarium but I DO NOT have a green thumb so that is out. I would love some suggestions as to how to use it. Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, give me some ideas. Thanks!