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Kitchen Table Decor Centerpieces Questions Answered!

  1. What topic on interior accessories interests you the most?

    I am schedule to do a community talk regarding interior design the end of Sept. I have decided to talk about the accessories of the home, but have discovered it is a broad topic and I only have 45 min - hour. Some of the outlines I have so far are: Table top accessories: Centerpieces, accent tables, mantles, coffee tables, etc. Drapery, Pillows, Bedding Lighting Kitchens - Cabinet tops, backsplashes Rugs/ Flooring Art/Sculpture Bookcases Entertainment Areas Bathroom Accessories Feel free to throw out your favorites or add what is missing.

  2. How do I make a ghetto wedding look fantastic?

    My best friend already graduated high school, moved in with her boyfriend [and his parents] and she got pregnant, so they're getting married in his hometown. She's always had a love for weddings and I'd feel really bad as her maid of honour if I didn't help her make her wedding absolutely fantastic. The wedding will either be held at the park or at the community center. What are some things I can do to make her wedding come close to her dream?

  3. What do you have or what would be a nice centerpiece for a dining room table?

    The color is chocolate brown, but that probably doesn't matter :) Thanks for the help.

  4. What would be a good centerpiece for a reception?

    I have 3 months until my wedding. I plan on a small but nice wedding reception with about 40 guests. I plan on having about 12-15 tables and need a unique centerpiece. Something that is nice, but cheap (if you know what I mean.) My wedding colors will be black, white, and burgundy. I would like to stay withing those colors.

  5. Any reviews on Bacchanalia or MF Buckhead?

    I know these are two completely different types of restaurants but I would like to try one of them next week and wanted to know if anyone has gone to either. Thanks.

  6. How can I decorate my small dining room? Pictures included?

    I asked what I should add: Someone told me to add mirrors... so I did before; http://www.flickr.com/photos/9898133@N07/766393821/ after; http://www.flickr.com/photos/9898133@N07/?saved=1 but I'm not convinced...what els can I do..should I add a floor lamp?? any Ideas?

  7. DIY table decor..?

    my colors are black and white w/ pink.. i am doing a DIY reception. there will be finger foods that family will help make so no sit down dinner or catering. no dj. no alcohol. 60 guests at the most. well, im needing a lot of help here cuz i am on a maajor budget. the reception is a fairly large square room w/ a little kitchen. rectangular tables are available. i just need to rent white chairs. i was thinking of doing black tablecloths with silver glitter, vases filled with mixed pink gerber daisies with iridescent marbles at the bottom of the vase. i also wanted to scatter white rose petals around that and then have little white and light pink candles surround the vase. buut, im thinking that might get too expensive. how can i cut back? do i have to have that centerpiece idea on every table? also, how should i set it up? should the 'head table' be in a different color tablecloth? also, since it will only be finger foods and because i cannot afford to rent china...im wanting to use just heavy weight paper plates and and/or cups, knives, and forks. what do u think about these w/ black tablecloths? http://www.finestationery.com/product.cfm?prod_id=31937&cm_thiscategory=3000001&cat_id=0&subcat_id=0&cat=0 or should i just stick w/ these.. http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=browse&origin=searchMain.jsp&event=link.itemDetails&demandPrefix=12&sku=70/2426&mode=Searching&erec=5&D=plastic%2Bplates&Ntt=plastic%2Bplates&Ntk=all&Dx=mode%252bmatchallpartial&Ntx=mode%252bmatchallpartial&N=0&sd=Clear+Salad+Plates or these.. http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=browse&origin=searchMain.jsp&event=link.itemDetails&demandPrefix=12&sku=39/1716&mode=Searching&erec=8&D=plastic%2Bplates&Ntt=plastic%2Bplates&Ntk=all&Dx=mode%252bmatchallpartial&Ntx=mode%252bmatchallpartial&N=0&sd=White+Round+Dinner+Plates evening wedding so i really want candles

  8. Help with planning fall baby shower! :) .?

    My sister and her husband just found out that they are expecting their first baby! My sis is due in January, so I was wanting to have the baby shower in November. I like to plan ahead, so I'm asking this now.. : ) I'm wanting the shower to have a Fall theme...Lots of browns and oranges...etc.. So basically I am needing some really unique shower ideas..Food, decor, invite ideas, invite wording, games, party favors...The works. The shower will be at my house....It's a small house so probably a cool Fall centerpiece for my kitchen table would be nice... I've never planned a shower before...So I need all the help I can get! Thanks in advance everyone! : ) Also -- They don't know if they are having a boy or girl...And I would like to stay away from anything tooooo baby-ish... : )

  9. I'm haveing and alice in wonderland wedding.. any ideas on decor?

    So far im trying to do some type for faux bushes... im going to put bent up forks and spoons in the bouquets.. fish in the center peace jars... mix match pieces of vases and table cloths.. the cakes gonna be stacked teacups anything else i should do? but im at a loss.. its suppose to be the mad tea party

  10. Throwing a Surprise 50th for my father....?

    So I'm just at the beginning stages and wanted to hear ideas for themes decor for him.. I have been researching online but it seems to be just 4 women.. lol... any suggestions things you have done would b great!! Thanks!

  11. Inexpensive, yet classy looking centerpieces?

    More than 50% of my budget is going towards the food and drink at my venue. This leaves very little money for more fancy centerpieces and decor items. I'm OK with that. I'd rather have good food, then $50 centerpieces. It's costing about $75 a person at my venue and the wedding overall is semi-formal and taking place in the evening. I've opted to do a black and white color pattern. The wedding is in August and overlooking a harbor. I want the centerpieces to look nice and classy, not cheap. But, I also don't want to spend a ton of money. What are some affordable options for DIY centerpieces. I have to double check with the venue, but I don't think they allow candles. But, I could be mistaken. What are some ideas with and without candles and about how much will each centerpiece and decor idea cost? What's considered a reasonable cost for a DIY centerpiece? I'm thinking about doing hints of aqua to add a little color.

  12. Cozy decor in the fall?

    Hi! I live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend. REALLY tiny. Like, a big kitchen with a bedroom and bathroom attached. How can we decorate it to make it feel cozy and homey? We light fall-scented candles and I bake a lot so the apartment already smells pretty cozy at least. We have also piled extra blankets on the bed and added blackout drapes to the windows. Does anyone have any cheap decorating ideas for autumn? Our kitchen/main room is dominated by a table, so I thought maybe a centerpiece of some kind.

  13. Help! I need room ideas!?

    So I just bought a quite large home and I'm not sure to do with all the rooms. I already have a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a guest bedroom, an office, a library, three bathrooms, a dining room. A hall, a conservatory, a sun room, a music room, a ballroom, a drawing room, a computer room, an art room, and a game room. Also I have a basement, garage, and an attic of course. My only problem is I still have about 20 rooms left. My house feels empty and I'm not sure what else to do. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Best answer goes to the person with the most reasonable rooms. ( by reasonable I mean purposeful)