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Cute Kitchen Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What are some things i need for when i move out the first time?

    I would like to know the basics, please. Thank you.

  2. Creative and new Baby shower ideas?

    I need cute baby shower ideas for games and decorations. I know about diaper cakes, and duck punch. but i need new creative ideas. Thanks!

  3. What new objects for sims 2 seasons?

    I was just wondering what new objects & clothing there is for sims 2 seasons? thanks

  4. do you have any ideas for a girly pink room decor?

    hi so im 13 and i love the colour pink so please give me the link ps i have a kind of like medium room and i have to share with my 2 sisters! so my budget is £500 thanks and i live in UK

  5. I need a lot of furniture (cheap) for my new apartment!?

    This is my first apartment and I dont have a ton of money but all I have so far is a bed and a few dishes. Im looking for a black couch and chairs im not too picky with material or anything else as long as its not leather or pleather. I also need something to put a tv on i dont want a big entertainment center or anything like that. For table and chairs i think i might want a black table with zebra chairs. Im also looking for somethings for my bedroom i found a very cute storage block that is metallic but its way too expensive..I also really like french divans they are beautiful! I need a full length mirror. Ill just make a list below of some things I need and I hope you can help me find them but please try to find cheaper things I can afford=] Also if theres anything you think I should know or need for my first apartment please let me know! -end table/couch & chairs/tv stand/tv -kitchen table & chairs/dishes -desk(i want something girly and cute. I do kind of like mirrored or metallic)/french divan(if possible=]/storage cube -decor (i need some for every room for walls and floors or tables) *Most apartments do not have a ton of space so if you have any organizing tips or tricks that would also be greatly appreciated!

  6. Sorry I am asking a lot about this, but I am at the planning spot in a re-modeling so you know how that is....

    I am making a new room for my kids, all involved with imagination. I've been tossing around ideas all day and night in my head, and came up with this idea. To have 3 different places to change around every month or so. #1- A cute home area with a kitchen area, dining table, baby nursery, washer, dryer, and ironing board. #2- A downtown area with a resturant, store, vet, and doctor's office. #3- A fun campsite with tents, fake fire, lanterns, a boat, and a fishing pole in the "lake". I think I'm going to start with the 1st one because I have most things: - play oven/stove, micorwave, cabinet, fridge, toaster, and blender - fake food, pots, and untensils - kids table and chairs set - play baby cribs, changing table, and highchair - play bottles, bibs, clothes, and diapers - play washer, dryer, and iron - a few old clothes My friend heard what I wanted to do, and her kids just turned 9 and sort of out grew all her things, so I got the play washer, dryer, ..... ironing board. The rest I already have. That stuff if going to go in tonight before I change my mind. What do I need for the 2nd and 3rd plan. Again appoligize for the questions, but need a mommy to proof it, you know?

  7. Decorating Ideas For Cafe/Coffee Themed Kitchen?

    I'm going to go with a cafe/coffee theme for my kitchen, I've found some cute curtains and wall border so far but what I'm looking for is some CREATIVE (cheap) ideas for decorating. Things I can make and unique ideas, table center piece, wall decor, stylish organizing, etc. Or even if you see something online that's not a million dollars and would look good with this theme! The colors I am going with are a rusty red color, brown, tan and possibly black. Thank you and I can wait to see some ideas! =) I meant... "I CAN'T wait to see some ideas". LoL

  8. Wood furniture in a small home daycare?

    Im going to open a small (legal) home daycare. I really would like it to flow with the decor of my home, which is a clean, classy approach of Americana Prim. I would like the playroom to be homey and welcoming like the rest of my home. I found a table and chairs set I would like to paint myself. Its pre made pine furniture and paint that sells for cheap at our local craft store. My husband says I should have everything plastic, (like little tykes) so if they bonk their heads it wont be disasterous. These children will be under my constant supervision, and the room isnt stadium sized, so I doubt they will actually get up to speed running to cause a huge injury. I said I dont want the house to look like toys r us blew up everywhere and HE said, well, that's what kids want. Tell me, would you as a parent 'look down' on the fact i prefer wooden furniture to plastic? I found those really cute wooden play kitchens, book shelves, and things of that nature i would like to use. Its just a basic round table, four skinny legs, and little basic stools or chairs (depending on what the craft store has) im going nuts here trying to figure out how to get a pic on here.... no sharp corners... safety always in mind... yes, i will find the best clear cote to put over the top, and i will use lots in order to hold up to constant wear and scrubbing! the table is for the playroom, not the dining room, if that helps anyone.. thanks for all your help!

  9. Very Good Restaurants in Chennai for having Veg foods :-?

    Want to know the best restaurants in Chennai for Veg dining :- Ambience/ Food Quality Dont mind if its Veg and Non Veg seprate kitches like in 5 star North Indian :- Continental Italian Thai Chinese Hows KRYPTOS Restaurant and TUSCANI

  10. Any good ideas for a clay coil project?

    The project has to be 13 inches tall. My teacher gave me a paper to fill out my interests and then decide on something from that, but I really can't think of anything that I could make 13 inches tall. Here's my interests, my dogs, my family, my boyfriend, shopping, makeup, hair, cute clothes, the color pink, animal prints, shoes, jewelery, purses, swimming, decorations, flowers, diamonds, outdoors, and fishing. Any ideas? My plan was to make my dog that passed away, now I know that wouldn't work for a coil project, but for a different one. Or I would like to make a flowery and really viney vase that would go in our living room, but is there any tips I need to know for designing it or any good ideas for designs? Thanks for answering. :)

  11. "Sassy housewife" themed bridal shower ideas!?

    I'm a MOH and am planning a bridal shower for my best friend with her mom and the other bridesmaids. The theme we chose is "sassy housewife" or sort of a modern parody on the traditional 50s housewife. (To get the idea visit http://www.annetaintor.com/... : we are modeling it after this). I have a few game ideas and such, but would like to hear anything you have. She is using a mostly kitchen items registry (crockpot, cookbooks, etc) and we are doing a recipe exchange where everyone brings their favorite recipe for the bride and we put them into a book.. The food is going to be done potluck style where each guest brings a dish. The head count is 50 to 65, with only women. Some Mormon church ladies and older women, so nothing dirty or involving alcohol. ALL other ideas welcome!!!!

  12. Backyard reception....?

    My fiancee and I are in the midst of planning a wedding for July 2011, I know it's early but we are trying to get a budget idea. We are looking to spend approximately $5,000, or less, and have 60 people or less, does this seem like a reasonable amount if we get married in a church (non-members) and a backyard receptions (having to rent tables and chairs, and probably a sound system)? Also, I'd like to to wear a nice wedding dress, nothing over the top, but when I hear someone say backyard anything I think most people will just show up in jeans, and I'd like my wedding to be casual, but not that casual. I'd like the men to wear something like a simple pair of khakis, how do I tell people this? And is it still ok for me to have our first dance even though it's in the backyard, it will be an evening reception, and do I have to rent a dance floor is I plan to dance? Do backyard receptions always look cheap, or can they be done nicely with good planning? And any ideas where to get gowns on a budget aside from David's Bridal? Sorry for so many questions, but not many people around me have actually planned a wedding.