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Modern Kitchen Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. I am looking for a modern very small water cooler that fits on the kitchen counter?

    Where can I find such an animal?

  2. Decorating a house that is easy to clean?

    Outside and inside. Furniture and just general suggestions? I'm not lazy. I have (diagnosed) CCD. Although I am receiving treatment, it would just make my life a lot easier, if my future house was easier to clean. Any tips, advice and suggestions would be awesome. Thank you in advance <3 *OCD

  3. As an interior designer; I constantly push my creativity. So,I ask what would you like to see out there today?

    I am trying to be innovative with simple everyday objects; almost reviving them into a new modern fashion. It could be anything! For example, pillows, fabrics, luggage, kitchen objects, home accessories, outdoor objects, furniture..etc. Be creative, ask yourself what inspires you or what would be so cool to have in your home? Or even ask, what are you tired of seeing and would you rather see? Thank you for your help

  4. Online websites with modern, trendy home decor?

    At a medium-ish price point. Nothing overly expensive, I can't afford to pay eight hundred dollars for a side table.

  5. Best restaurants for new york city ?

    I am traveling to NYC in April and I would like to know where the best restaurants are, I am staying on times sq so the closer the better. I was looking for something formal yet stylish- money is NOT an issue, I always think you get what you pay for so.. I am open to any cuisine - any suggestions would be great, thanks

  6. kitchen decor and color ideas

    I have an old kitchen from the 1920's/1930's that I want to redo. I don't have the money to get really modern cabinets/counters and all that. I am simply having a new wood look floor installed. The only cabinets are a small section of painted old style, from floor to ceiling, cabinets with glass doors on the top part, which I love. The room size is 13' x 14' with 9' ceilings. I have a lot of woodwork because there are two windows and four doorways and the cabinets in the room. So far I have primed everything and my dilemma now is a color scheme. At first I was thinking all white walls and woodwork for a bright and fresh look and add color with new curtains and decorations, etc.. But now I need ideas, because I just can't decide. I tend to like an old fashioned or country look. I dont want to stain, I want to used only paint. Anyone have any ideas? My light in the kitchen is punched tin and my kitchen set is the farm table style. My floor will be an oak color (fake wood) laminent. Also, if anyone knows of any websites that can give me ideas, that would be great too. I get country home magazine but it hasn't been too helpful. My livingroom that leads into my kitchen has a country decor with tans, burgundy and black. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!