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Primitive Kitchen Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Awesome boho decorating ideas?

    Hello! I'm doing a little "nest fluffing," as I always do when it gets cold. I have sort of a boho style and am looking for new ideas for my place. This is what I have going on so far..... Kitchen: Vintage Pyrex dishes, teapots, antique ladybug and mushroom canisters, various primitive cookie cutters and kitchen utensils on the wall along with a small hanging quilt. The "dining area" has a coffee table with my hookah on it. A bakers' rack covered in plants. Bedroom: Lots of comfy pillows and blankets, a fish tank, an oriental rug, antique furniture, TONS of books (I collect antique books) on shelves made from old wooden crates, old maps and artwork in Victorian frames on the wall, batik tapestries too. Incense burners and candles and a big, obnoxious, gold Buddha. (Long story lol) I also have various antique bottles lined up on the window sill where the light comes in. Plants. ANY creative ideas are appreciated! Like, I saw someone lean an old ladder up in a room once that they used for hanging clothes. I love anything like that! I'm hoping you guys got some neat ideas from my decor too and we can exchange. Thanks so much, guys :) PS: I actually work at an antique mall, so anything I could buy from there and use would be a great place to start. Yes, I don't have a living room. My apartment is.....efficient. Lol