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Design Kitchen Table Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What should we do with a wall between kitchen and livingroom?

    We have a wall between our kitchen and livingroom (with a door on the side of course. We are considering cutting a large space out of it and fitting it with a bar to have a breakfast bar situation, plus it will be nice to be able to see into either room from the other. But I was standing looking and wondering if we should just go all the way and knock out the whole wall, which would make for one big kitchen/living area. Our two rooms are neither one very large. Can anyone speak from experience on doing such a change? I fear too if we do the breakfast bar thing we'll be limiting our wall space as far places to put furniture...of course if there is no wall there, then we're really messing ourselves up.

  2. Ideas for a retro diner lokoing kitchen?

    I have a cool round tall table with 2 tall chairs that are metal adn green. You know -the kind in the soda shops? I also havea colletion of old metal lunchboxes. Any other ideas. Oh yeah- I am not made of money- so any INEXPENSIVE ideas!?

  3. How is geometry used in restaurants?

    How does geometry relate to restaurants? Why are some restaurants more expensive than others, why do restaurants have a certain size/style of plate, etc. stuff like that. Please help.

  4. Kitchen decor- I have a toasted orange kitchen and I want to do a vintage mexican theme, any ideas?

    My kitchen and dining room are open to each other and the walls are a mellow orange the paint was toasted coconut. I wanted to do a vintage mexican theme, I was inspired by a wrought iron rustic looking wine rack we have that looks really good next to the orange. But now I am stuck, mainly on wall decor... help! anyone have a fabulous idea?

  5. How do I keep my room clean and design it??

    I have a loft bed with you know a couch on bottem that turns into bed,That takes up lots of room in my room! i wanna make my room look awsome but the bed is in the way and my parents wont do anything with my bed ...Help I SAID I CANT MOVE ANYTHING!!

  6. How do you open a restaurant?

    ive already found a lot to put the business and would like as much info/resources as possible about how payrolls work, naming and etc..

  7. does anyone have a good about me example for facebook ?

    I have a facebook account , but i don't have any ideas for an about me . Does anybody have any ideas ?