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Holiday Table Decorating Centerpiece Questions Answered!

  1. How can i decorate my front room using garland and tinsel for the holidays?

    i am just now doing my decorating for Christmas and i want to make my front room look elegant and festive. how can i do it using tinsel and garland?

  2. Decorating with glass hurricanes?

    I have a beautiful glass hurricane as the centerpiece on our dining table. I like to switch out its contents and colors based on the season (sea glass and a light colored candle for summer, silver balls during the holidays, artificial apples, pears, or lemons in the spring) What else could I use that would be different?

  3. How much do you put into your Holiday decorations?

    Are you a crazy fanatic about your Holiday decorations, or are you just laid back? I am thinking about my Christmas decorating & need some thoughts from those of you that just go All Out!!

  4. Things to have in the house for the holidays?

    I know I should have scented candles, yummy smelling soaps in the bathrooms, christmas tree....but what else? this is my first time decorating the house and being the holiday (thanksgiving and christmas both) hostess, so i need some tips to be the "hostess with the mostess" lol. help!

  5. Any ideas for centerpieces?

    I'll be baptizing my daughter and i want to decorate really cute and pretty but i have no clue on what to put on the tables as centerpieces. Any ideas?

  6. How do you Throw a Christmas Party?

    like what do you do, how does it go?

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    I Got Pollen On My Shirt And I Tried Hand Washing It And Machine Washing And Its Not Gone! Help Me And My Preciousus Shirt!