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Holiday Table Decorating Tips Questions Answered!

  1. How do you get it all done during the holidays?

    I have so much to do this Christmas season. Do you have any tips to get it all done before December 25th?

  2. I need some ideas for decorating easter eggs?

    I want to decorate eggs with my 2 yr old son for Easter this year but he's allergic to egg whites so I didn't see the sense in doing real eggs. I bought some plastic eggs that we could decorate but I'm not coming up with many clevers ideas on how to do that other than using stickers. I need some fun, easy to clean up ideas for decorating plastic eggs. Thanks!

  3. What is a creative, kid-friendly Thanksgiving dessert?

    I am headed to a Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. We'll have the usual pumpkin pie and apple pie, but I have been asked to bring another dessert. Since there will be at least 8 kids under the age of 7, I wanted to make my dessert something fun that they would enjoy. Perhaps some fun cupcakes or cookies....but I would like ideas for decorating them to make them kid-friendly, fun and creative. Thanks! I think cupcakes or cookies are definitely the way to go...thanks!....how about any creative ideas for decorating them?

  4. What do you think of an Old Hollywood Glamour Theme for my Sweet Sixteen Party?

    I really like how glamorous Hollywood used to be (well it still is, but back in the 40s and 50s it was REALLY glamourous). Does anyone have any ideas for decorations, music, or anything for this theme?

  5. How do I throw the party of the year?

    I want to throw a great party that everyone will come to and talk about. We are all going to be 15 but i dont know how to throw a party that will be remembered. I need to figure out how to throw a big party in a small space but also how to throw the party so i will be remembered.

  6. Reporter needs decorating tips for her feature page!!!?

    I am the editor of the Woman's page of my newspaper. I need some homemade floral/decorating tips for the holidays for a little blurb section called "You Grow Girl". Any homemade advice you have for floral arrangements or holiday flowers for the home would be great. Thanks in advance!

  7. Wiccans & Pagans: how many candles should a yule log have?

    I'm thinking of surprising some of my wiccan and pagan friends for the winter holidays with a handmade and decorated yule log. But I don't know much about yule logs other then the pictures I've seen. Any info you can share would be appreciated. :)

  8. party suggestions after xmas pre new years?

    Throwing a party on the 30th. It was the only day the clubhouse at my apartment complex was available. It's got a big comfy leather couch. Huge tv (which we're use for vido games and later boxing match) two big tables and a billiards and darts room. Full kitchen. Having about 20 people over started early afternoon, hors d'oveurs basically already handled. Would like some mixed drink suggestions, decorating tips based on the fact that its after christmas and music suggestions. Basically any tips would be appreciated.

  9. what are some ideas for a hollywood redcarpet theme party????

    everyone is goin to get a chance to be on the redcarpet and get and a academy award