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Holiday Table Decorating Photos Questions Answered!

  1. How many ways are there to decorate your home for Christmas ?

    My friend Sam is divorced and has a twelve -- year -- old son, Ben . Ben used to visit Sam every weekend . Now Ben usually has an excuse for not going to visit Sam . Ben might be at the age where hanging out with his parents isn’t too exciting . Sam is thinking that he might not have a Christmas tree since Ben might not visit him too much this month . I admit putting up a tree with all the ornaments seems like a lot of work . Should Sam decide not to have a Christmas tree ? Should Sam have a Christmas tree no matter what Ben does ? What can Sam do that’s quick and easy to put his home into the Christmas spirit ? Thank you in advance for your answers .

  2. Ideas for a Great holiday picture for all kinds of Cards?

    What would be your ideal perfect picture for a holiday card that would make all spirits brighter? What kind of picture would you like to see? (cute cat picture, still objects in their best form, outside scenery, a fancy outdone fireplace, a flower in its best form, etc) What would be your ideal form of a great picture? Thank you for all who give your ideas. The one with the most detail and a reason why you would say thats a great photo will get 10 points! (: Thank you all again.

  3. Ideas for last Christmas party of high school?

    I've been having an annual Christmas party since 7th grade. I'm a senior, and it's my last year to throw one. I need ideas! Things big, but not too big. Money is somewhat of an object, but I really want to go all out. Thanks in advance!

  4. does anyone know the difference b/w a traditional altar and a contemporary altar?

    i mean in reference to the dia de los muertos holiday. or if someone could tell me where i can find this info.

  5. Have any creative ideas for Christmas presents? What do you think would make a good budget friendly gift?

    Thanks for any ideas! Happy Holidays! :)

  6. I'm making a scrapbook for my sister for Christmas, I need some ideas!?

    I'm in college now and my sister is still in highshcool so I don't really get to see her that much. I want to make her a scrapbook for Christmas with tons of pictures of me and her in it. I just need some ideas. Thanks!

  7. How to occupy yourself at home. I am bored...?

    You see I'm finally on school holidays and I have nothin planned for the next few days.. Parents won 't give me an allowance for more Money or to go out! What should I do?

  8. Any ideas for doing class notice boards?

    we have already done stuffs like pasting the class name, pupils name n the time table.... now, we have run out of ideas n we still have to do another notice board that is ultra big n has lots of space! we can't put any class photos as we r sec 1 n we have not taken any class photos or any outings photos so can anyone give us ideas?? if we need to buy stuffs, it can't be too expensive so please please donate some ideas to us!!

  9. Christians, how will you celebrate Christmas this year?

    Julius O Maybe you misunderstood me, I asked about Christmas not some Pagan rituals. Julius O So celebrating the life of Jesus, along with his birth is Pagan, Wow, you really need God in your life. truth bearer - you really are a religion of your own. I do not celebrate Jesus as a little baby. I celebrate him as my savior and God. I celebrate his life and all the great and wonderful things he has done. But then what am I going to tell you, the all knowing and judgmental little god.

  10. I need some Creative Cheap Ideas to spread Christmas Cheer!!!?

    I am hosting my small family here this year for christmas we do not have a whole lot of money. I want something that will make Christmas special for them as its the only thing they really have to look forward too. Any Ideas? Thanks a Bunch

  11. Ideas for decorating my bedroom?

    Hey! So it's the holidays and I was thinking about taking a day or so to redecorate and design my room. I'm into 70s and 80s hard rock/metal - Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc and I'm also a fan of the 60's hippie era so so any ideas for a 70s/80s music theme or a 60s boho/hippie theme would be great. I'm allowed to do anything to my room except paint it so yeah. Any ideas? Also if it helps, my room is quite small so I can't bring in huge items of furniture unfortunately.. Thanks in advance :)