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Christmas Table Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make my christmas party special?

    I want my christmas party to be AMAZING! Not just any old christmas party. I need to know something that we can do...or something like that that will make this party like NO other! Details- Im 14 a girl :)

  2. How can you decorate for Thanksgiving?

    I love decorating. You should see my house for halloween and christmas. But what should I do for thanksgiving? I have this stuffed beanie baby turkey I use for the centerpiece at dinner but I wanna do more and decorate the living room and stuff. Any suggestions? Best answer 10 points! =]

  3. What are some creative ways you will be decorating your home for Christmas?

    Do you ever do Christmas with a twist? Just wondering some creative ways you will be decorating your home for Xmas.

  4. How to decorate a tent for a wedding?

    I'm getting married in 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone out has had a tent wedding and if so how did you actually hang the decoration up in the tent. I'm planning on covering the pole but not sure how to attch the tulle the rope will be wraped in garland and tulle and how to hang the lighting around the edge of the tent. The center poles is my main concern.I have some ideas I just wanted to know if anyone has already been down this road that could give me some tips. The tables will have mason jars with flowers in them. Is or are there anyother ideas that I might be able to use.

  5. I am looking for decorations to go behind my cake table at my reception?

    I am having trouble trying to find some decorations i want for my reception. I have seen pictures of people having what look like window panels that have some sort of sheer material behind them and then like christmas tree lights that shine through as a decoration. I am trying to see if people make these or if they rent them from somewhere. if you had this or know someone who did please help me out. i'm getting desperate.

  6. What Is Your Favorite Christmas Decoration?

    Do you have a favorite Christmas Decoration you put up every year, or a way to decorate a room. Looking for idea's on how to decorate my home for Christmas this year...something a little different. My home is pretty much the same year after year. Pictures would be great too!

  7. How do you decorate your house for Christmas, Inside and out?

    We're going to try something different this year.

  8. Do you change your home decor every season?

    Spring is almost here...what type of steps do you take to create a more spring atmosphere/ summer feel in your home? For example: Putting out some bunnies, changing your wreath/doormat, your center piece in the living room? Tell me some tips! Thanks! I'm 26, I'm sure I have lots to learn still. :-)

  9. This year will be the 1st xmas without my little sister. How can we make it a good 1?

    Shes in prison. . . Its really weird without her because she has always loved xmas. If she was here the tree and decorations would all be up now and she would have persuaded my mum to take her christmas shopping. Another thing she loved was going food shopping with my mum she would always make her buy mince pies and Christmas puddings. It just doesnt feel like xmas this year :(

  10. Any ideas for throwing a nye dinner party that is really classy: signature drinks, decorations, games?

    First real dinner party. Very big on creating the right ambience (lighting and candles, etc), toasts, sharing resolutions for the next yr.

  11. What are some cool "decorations" for college apartments?

    I can't think of any and my living room is pretty empty. Any ideas besides posters and the very basics such as couch and TV?

  12. How can I make money quickly?-Need answers today!?

    I need money to buy christmas gifts and my family doesn't have any they can give away of course and I'm too young to get a job. HELP!!!!!!

  13. how can i be more eco friendly on christmas?

    hey in my lang. arts class my teacher wants us to write about how to be more eco friendly on chritsmas, any ideas?

  14. Ideas for room decoration?

    I need to decorate my room in my tiny apartment. I've tried some photography on the wall, some candles, and a string of those tiny lights people use on Christmas tree to decorate my windows... Any other ideas? I don't want posters on my wall, I think my pictures are sufficient. Can't paint the walls either, the place's rented. Some cheap ideas would be nice. Oh and maybe some decoration ideas for the kitchen, which I share with my roommates.