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Christmas Holiday Table Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Holiday door decorating at work. Any ideas?

    Every year we have a holiday door decorating contest at my work. Last year they did this amazing set up that took second place to one door that had nothing to do with the season, they decorated patriotically. So, we're trying not to incorporate too much "christmas" into our theme, even though it's a christmas contest. We've already come up with two ideas. A tropical Santa or Whoville. See, we're a box office and we have a big open window, so we need something to put in that window. Please help! Any ideas are appreciated!

  2. Christmas themed wedding shower?

    in my home. What are some decorating ideas for the tree, kitchen and living areas of the home? a shower, not the wedding itself for the bride

  3. i love traditions what are some traditions only your family does at the holidays or unique recipes you eat ?

    My grandpa used to make oyster dressing every year at thanksgiving he died years ago but i will always remeber him for being such a good cook. He made his own recipes what does your family do that nobody els does for thanksgiving and christmas I'm also asking because i want to have some good ideas for traditions i can start for my daughters to have fond memories of after i'm gone Traditions can really help you remember loved ones plus there just fun to do.

  4. How can i make this christmas the best ever?

    i want to enjoy this xmas the most, making it very memorable what i can i do 2 make the most of xmas this year??

  5. Craft ideas for kids 2-18. These kids have terminal illnesses. I am organizing a party for "make a wish"?

    I am helping organize the christmas party this year, any ideas on crafts kids 2-18 can do?

  6. I am supposed to turn something i throwaway ( like a chair, clothes, or bottles) into something creative?

    I am supposed to turn something i throwaway ( like a chair, clothes, or bottles) into something creative. THIS IS "go green" project which is to recycle. anyway, does anyone have any ideas of what i can keep from throwing away and turning that to something useful. FIRST ONE TO THINK OF SOMETHING CREATIVE WILL GET 10 points

  7. Christmas in France traditions and customs?

    Hi! I have to do a report for French class on Christmas in France. Anyone have any good websites or books or any info to help me? Thanks!