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  1. How would anybody rate the Paradise ship from Carnival?

    I'm 21 going on this cruise in August just wanted to know how or what to expect thanks

  2. Computer use for the disabled?

    Are there any laws relating to computer use and computer facility's for the disabled? If so what are they? And what special considerations should be taken while designing a physical computer envoirment for the disabled?

  3. centering a website???

    Howzit all.... This is kinda stupid BUT I'll fire away nevertheless. I am currently busy designing a website for a small organization in South Africa. Its nothing fancy... just a basic HTML website that lacks creativity and some enhancement scripting. I do not have Internet Explorer on my computer and the site appears centered (centered) on my Mozilla Firefox. However I went to an internet cafe and I decided to take a peak at my work and guess what? The site appears on the left hand site and makes my work look like a retard's work. Tell me this::: Is it possible that I can embed a code that centers my work on all web browsers. what I did was to create one table, put everything into that table and then center it. It looks fine on Firefox but awful in Internet Explorer.. You can have a look at the site on: http://www.xaveri.org You help will be rewarded by a fat 10 points

  4. Pleease someone explain to me about my assigment. Im lost! What do i do?

    ASSIGNMENT BRIEF [100 marks] Mega Planet, the first shopping and recreation center in Tashkent, which was launched in year 2010 with supermarket store, shops, cinema, café, restaurants, playground and parking lot. This big and modern 4-floor building, in 11th district of Yunus-Abad area has a Mega Cinema too. Your team is appointed as IT Consultants to provide consultation for introducing advance ticket reservation system and e-ticket reservation system via online for Mega Cinema. Your boss decides that he would like to install new computers, kiosks, which will be used to facilitate customers (self-service) to reserve movie tickets at the mall or alternatively use Internet to do advance booking. You need to submit a report on all your recommendations with justifications for this new movie ticket reservation system. The main purpose of the online ticket reservation system is to provide another way for the customer to buy cinema ticket. It is an automated self service system via using kiosks at the Mega Cinema or using the Internet facilities. The goals of the new system are: 1 To provide a anytime anyplace service for the customers at their convenience 2 To provide refund options 3 To minimize the number of staff at the ticket box office 4 To promote mega Cinema show times and shows on the internet 5 To increase the profit for Mega Cinema 6 To obtain statistic information and reports from the reservation record. The self service movie ticket kiosk or the online E-Ticket System (ETS) allows the customers to buy ticket online and cancel the seat at a suitable time (2 days before the show to 1hour before the show). To enhance the refund function, all the customers have to do a registration and become a member before buying ticket. Staff can use the system to insert and delete data (e.g. film description, time table) which will update the webpage (webpage are dynamic page, changing according to the data in database). Also, staff can check the statistic information from the system. Fundamentals of Information Technology, Assignment Page 3 of 5 Your task is to perform extensive research, produce a report which should not exceed 2500 words and include the following: 􀂾 Table of contents 􀂾 Executive Summary 􀂾 Introduction 􀂾 Determine suitable hardware, input devices that will be necessary for the computer system to perform the above tasks (Your team’s recommendation, justifications for the choice or recommendations made, advantages to Mega Cinema for the recommendations made must be discussed in detail) 􀂾 How customers make ticket reservation and how the managers will instruct the computer system to print the report on movie ticket reservation records (Your team’s recommendation, justifications for the choice or recommendations made, advantages to Mega Cinema for the recommendations made must be discussed in detail) 􀂾 Recommend suitable software to connect the computers to the network, operating systems, electronic payment systems, kiosk at Mega Cinema, self payment methods (Your team’s recommendation, justifications for the choice or recommendations made, advantages to Mega Cinema for the recommendations made must be discussed in detail) 􀂾 Recommend Security procedures, backup strategy and one online backup services (Your team’s recommendation, justifications for the choice or recommendations made, advantages to Mega Cinema for the recommendations made must be discussed in detail) 􀂾 Overall block diagram to illustrate your recommendations in graphical/picture form 􀂾 Limitations and conclusions 􀂾 Group Members’ Evaluation Report ( Learning reflection, Team work/Individual Team members’ contribution to the assignment, what was learnt from this task, what were the difficulties faced & how did the team overcome those difficulties needs to be discussed) 􀂾 List of References (In text citation and End text citation must be used) 􀂾 Appendix (If necessary to include relevant specifications or pictures of the h/w, s/w, security functions, devices used ) 3 Assignment report formatting instructions 􀂾 Major headings should be in upper case, 14 point Times New Roman Bold. 􀂾 Minor headings should be in lower-case, 12 point Times New Roman Bold. 􀂾 Body text should be formatted to 12 point, Times New Roman. 􀂾 Page size should be A4. 􀂾 Use single line spacing. 􀂾 Your assignment should be submitted ONLY in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. 4. Assignment Report Submission requirements You are required to submit the following in hardcopy and zipped/compressed softcopy in the following order: 􀂾 Assignment cover page, Assignment Mark Sheet, Assignment Report Content 􀂾 Make sure all files needed are on disk(s) or a CD ROM disk 􀂾 Softcopy must be virus free and submitted via Blackboard by ____________ 􀂾 Hardcopy with the CD must be submitted at Tashkent Student Services by __________________

  5. Logic problem really need help or Im dead?

    Well I have homework and its alot of points. I got a really bad grade in math class and I need this to make it better and if I dont im dead. Its a huge logic problem called WHODUNIT I tryed doing it myself its hard and now Im stuck. I got like most of them dont but cant figure out everything and those internet tips didnt really help. Please post a link or answers for it THX Ok here are the clues I dont think you need the description 1.The one whose favorite flower is roses spend more money than the one who loves potatoes and exactly one dollar less than the one who was seen at Greenlaw's 2.The one who loves carrots spent less money then the one who was spotted at the Down to Earth and exactly one dollar more than the one whose favorite flower is irises. 3. The one who was spotted at Planterose(who spent less then the one whose favorite flower is lilacs) spent ecatly one dollar more than the one who loves brocoli. 4. The one who loves red peppers(who isnt the one who was spotted at Fresh and florar) spent less money then the one whose favorite flower is peonies(who isnt the one who loves green beans) On the paper it also says part 2 and huge 20 and this one is about people buying veggies how much they spent and what store Also forgot to add and whats their favorite flower. Theres 5 stores and of everything else. 5stores-Budds Downt to Earth Fresh and Floral Greenlaws Planterose 5 flowers Dahlias Irises Lilacs Peopnies Roses 5 Veggies Broccoli Carrots Green Beans Potatoes and Red Peppers 5 spendings $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 Just figured out its from August 1995 and it should be like from pages 20-30 in the magazine