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Christmas Table Decoration Crafts Questions Answered!

  1. Do you have any Christmas party planning tips?

    I'm planning a Christmas party for the youth at my church. I need some tips on affordable and whimsical decorations. I was thinking about buying some of those styrofoam cones and decorating them with wrapped candies as table centerpieces. One aspect of the party that I don't have to worry about it food. The parents of the children will be preparing dishes, bringing party platters, and bringing drinks. I guess my biggest concern is trying to make this the most memorable and magical party for them. What kind of entertainment or games or crafts should I have? Should I have some kind of party favor? Please help!

  2. Ideas or webs sites for christmas table decoration?

    I need webs sites with pics of christmas table decorations. I'm really bad with decorations, so I need any web site that shows how I can do x decoration, with steps and photos. thanks. my dining set looks like this, http://furniturefromhome.com/products/first-category/hlsdle-4885-810-49045

  3. Do you think I can use this in wedding decorations?

    Do you think that you can use pine garland creatively without making the wedding reception look christmas-y, I want kind of a garden feel. I am having the reception in an open pavillion at a park in August. I thought about draping some on the ceiling but I don't want it to look like christmas decor, any ideas?

  4. What do you do for toddlers on Easter?

    We thought to get little plastic eggs, and put some toddler treats in them and hide them. Any other suggestions? Any faves to suggest for the eggs? I thought about doing a basket, any ideas out there?

  5. where can i find affordable thanksgiving decor?

    i just moved into my new house about six months ago and i wont be able to go home for the thanksgiving or christmas holiday cause of my chaotic work schedule. this will be the first time my kids is without their grandparents and great grandparents and uncles and cousins so i want to make it as great as i can without breaking my pockets, please help.

  6. does anyone know any good craft websites for toddlers?

    I would like to do some crafts with my son that are pretty easy he just turned 2 and like sparkles and using a glue stick. I would really like to make some cute decorations for him to give to people for christmas, thanks

  7. Does anybody know of any cheap wedding ideas?

    I am on a short leashed budget and still want to have a decent wedding. If anybody has any ideas on cakes, catering, decorations, photography, dresses etc. please let me know! :) Also any great websites would be much appreciated as well :-) Thanks!

  8. What should I decorate my Christmas tree with this year?

    I like very simple ideas like snowflakes and just lights. But I will accept any suggestions. :D