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New Computer Table Design Questions Answered!

  1. Where should I look for hints on selecting furniture for an empty apartment ?

    I have just moved, and I sold all my old stuff ... Besides a matress, a computer table, and some kitchen nicities, I have nothing else. So I'm looking for ideas, or pointers to places that can help me design my home, before I start buying a dinning table, sofa, tv?(not sure if I'm buying one actually), shelves, etc. I'm middle-class, I suppose, so i can't spend huges amounts of money, but I'm not also 100% "on budget". thanks in advance for any help.

  2. where can I get a Kiddie table and set of chairs?

    Hi , My 18 month old daughter has just found an interest in crayons and colors everything in sight :-). She colors on paper if I seat her on my computer table. So I was wondering where can i get table/chairs her size so that she can sit on them while i work at the *big* table :-). The ones I found are either for older kids or very expensive. Thanks!

  3. what type of paint should i use on a plywood table?

    i want to paint a unique design on my computer table.i wanna know what type of paint should i use for this purpose..i meantfabric colors or poster colors or any thing else.....please suggest..

  4. What is the ' table ' that designed for computer called ?

    the table which is designed for computers. which consists of the top space for the monitor, and the slide plate for the keyboard and mouse. and downside which is for the case. shelf which is for the scanner. etc I just want the name please kindly

  5. what type of paint should i use on a plywood table?

    i want to paint a unique design on my computer table.i wanna know what type of paint should i use for this purpose..i meantfabric colors or poster colors or any thing else.....please suggest..

  6. What to call our Marketing/Advertising/Design studio room at work?

    We would like to refer to our Design room as something fun, but not sure. The conference room has already been labeled "The Chamber Of Secrets". So something creative that relates to our department. We are going to have computer stations, and a lounge/couch area and two large work activity table in the Design studio to give an idea.

  7. Is the introduction of computer aided design the downfall of architecture?

    A discussions with one of my tutors lead to this question. Research has shown that individuals use different part of the brain when they are using the computer as opposed to drawing by hand. In my opinion the introduction of CAD is a wonderful thing. Leading to some of the most amazing buildings in the world. This allows the user to experiment with materials to their logical limits thus creating some of the most iconic buildings in the world. (Sydney opera house, gherkin building London, London eye and many more). I would love to hear you opinions on the subject

  8. How can I design a remote controlled robot arm at home?

    I want to operate my computer sitting in another room with the help of a robotic arm with a camera in it. How can I make it on my own, I mean nearly everything like its circuit board, etc.So that it will be a cheaper one. Please help me.........!!!!!!!!!

  9. What is an icon that could be used to represent how it feels to be a graphic design student?

    I need to pick an object that can be turned into an icon. Then i will use that icon and manipulate it to express 5 different emotions related to how it feels to be a design student. For example, Someone chose a life jacket to represent the sink or swim aspect of design.

  10. What were computers invented for other then for war purposes?

    Same as my last question, I need some help with understanding computer history, please answer this for me! Thanks everyone who answered me!

  11. How can I take attendance easily on my computer?

    I'm looking for an easy way to take attendance during my sorority meetings. It's difficult to keep up with over 100 women quickly coming in with an old-fashioned list and pen, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a program or design for them to be able to quickly log themselves in. If there is a way for each of their names to be on a button or icon with all of them displayed at once that they can just click and be automatically registered, it would be ideal.

  12. Web page not displaying correctly on larger computer screens?

    I created a webpage with Frontpage 2003. I used a table to create my header. The page works fine when I view it on a 15 inch screen or smaller. However I notice that on a 20 inch screen the header si not longer centered and everything is pulling to the left. Why is this happening. Should I not be enclosing my header in a table?

  13. What driver do I have to install to have the aero effect on my windows 7 computer?

    I have a used to be windows xp computer, and I just ugraded to windows 7. The problem is that the drivers can't run the aero effect. I tried updating, but it was already updated. Please help, my video card is a Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family.

  14. My computer crashed and I need to buy a new one, any recommendations on what I should get?

    I am in college, so having a laptop is a little bit vital. I am an architecture major, also. What I use my computer for: homework, 3-d modeling, videos, facebook, facebook, facebook, music, lots of downloads, etc. Any suggestions? By the way, I would like to stick with PC, I'm not much of a fan of Mac (plus I can't afford it). Also, please keep in mind that I am basically broke, so no spendy computers. By crashed I mean that the hard drive failed and the cost to get that repaired is equivalent to the price that I paid for the computer, so I want to get a new one. The repairs wouldn't be worth it because the computer had more issues besides just a hard drive failure.

  15. What's the difference between Digital design and Web design?

    I need to pick my electives for my Junior year in High School and I saw these two classes but I'm not 100% sure what they are. What's digital design? What's web design?

  16. What do you think will be the next revolution in computers?

    I think that in a few years, we will replace the keyboard with a touch screen(once the technology improves). This would make a laptop in theory more like a DS which could provide a world of opportunities for program design, game design, and unique user interface. What about you, what do you think the next big thing will be?

  17. How can I design websites in the correct screen resolution?

    Ive been making websites for some time now but they always look different on other peoples computers. My computer screen is pretty wide and I dont think its a normal size. How do I make a website that displays correctly for majority of people?