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Computer Table Design Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. I am downsizing to a smaller home and want to keep it simple with casual furniture?

    I just want an apartment sized Couch and a few small casual chairs. The house does not have a dining room so I will need a kitchen table & chairs. The only furniture I want to take with me is a china cabinet, roll top desk with will probably go in a bedroom and my computer desk. I hate cluttered rooms so if you have any advice it would be appreciated. Any pictures or designs would be a great help.

  2. How do I prevent my website design from changing on different computer screens? How can I keep it the same?

    I design my own websites on Dreamweaver and everytime I look at my website on another computer the things I designed (i.e. pictures, layers, frames, etc.) are out of place or the font is completely changed. What do I need to do in order for my wesbite to be uniform on every computer? Is there an HTML code that prevents this from happening?

  3. How to add color without painting?

    I am moving into a one bedroom apartment, with high ceilings soon, and I want to know how to add color to the walls without painting. I can't afford to buy big artwork, and i am not artistic enough to make it myself. I can't paint the walls at the apartment so is there any other way to add color to the walls? i want the color scheme to be like a coffee house. Please post any pictures if possible! please help me!!

  4. What should I do if my computer refuses to turn off when I shut it down?

    Right after I shut it down it tries to install updates but the updates don't install and the machine doesn't turn off. Twice already I've had to unplug the computer to turn it off and when I turn the computer back on it prompts me do so in safe mode instead of just turning on in its regular mode.

  5. How do I use HTML frameset without scrollbars or overlaps?

    Do you know how when working with "<--frameset-->" that I can get my frames to force the scroll bar onto the browser and have no scroll bars on my design? When I tell it "no scrollbars" it makes the frames overlap. I just want the whole thing to open up as a solid picture and the scroll bars to be on the browser.

  6. Trying to create a digital layout of a building?

    I am trying to do a layout of a new facility (chairs, tables, walls, bathrooms, etc.) It doesn't have to be perfect but it needs to look decent. I have no fancy programs, basically working with Word only nor do I have great graphic design abilities. What's the easiest way to go about doing this? How can I create these little details? Or better yet, are their websites that I can pull these from and just copy into my picture? Any help is so appreciated.

  7. How to put artwork inside the computer?

    I have to make a portfolio for art for high school and it says that I need it in a CD but I also have big pictures and I don't want to take a picture with a camera and then upload, how do I put my big artwork inside the computer?

  8. Is it worth it to hire professional movers for a small move or to do it yourself?

    My husband and I are moving from our duplex (much like the size of a large apartment) to a house in the immediate local area. We have the basics: living room set, dinning table, bedroom set (1), washer and dryer, and other small furniture peices (computer desk, etc). Is it worth it to hire professional movers or to do it ourselves. And what would be the typical cost for a small move?

  9. How do I put a picture in the middle of a paragraph?

    Like I want it to the left side but in the mide of the paragraph,I want the picture to have writing all around the picture though... I don't want it to be sentences the picture a big space then the rest of the sentences. any help? Thanks :] In a Website...I would appreciate anyones help.

  10. Any good gift ideas for Father's Day for an older man who cannot walk?

    My Father-in-Law has arthritis, as well as several other age related limitations. His only hobbies are word search books and casino gambling. He has difficulty with computers, and spends most of his time at the kitchen table or in bed. Suggestions?

  11. SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS- can i have a different lock screen from wallpaper?

    Is it possible to make your wallpaper different from your lock screen like you can do on the Iphone but on the nexus? Or is It possible to have different pictures for your wallpaper so when you flick to the next screen its a different picture? I really don't know any tech stuff at all so any help is appreciated!

  12. Are there any free sites to create a resume?

    I am trying to help my fiance create a resume, it's becoming an overwhelming process! We tried to use word, but apparently the computer does not have it. We aren't really looking to pay for anything. Also, we have never created a resume before, so I am getting bits of info from different sites to help us out. If you have any ideas or someone can help walk us through it, I would appreciate it. However, our first goal is to find a program. Thank you

  13. How do I maxmize space in a studio apartment?

    I am moving into a studio apartment. How do I maximize space and create definition? For instance, my kitchen and living area does not have a division. How can I create the illusion of two separate areas?

  14. cool way to decorate your room for a 17yr old?

    and ideas? descriptions of wat your room looks like, what you've seen before, or what you've always wanted to do? i get to paint and decorate my room from scratch so i have alot of freedom to do whatever i want. pictures would be great, if possible.

  15. What's an art, technology, or design studio?

    For architecture class we have to find out what is a: Design Studio, Technology Studio, and Art Studio Along with finding out what they are I have to find out what does it take to design them. E.i. Furniture, space needed- etc. It would be great if you guys have websites i can look at that will give me the answer. I sorta need a website to refer to. Thanks a million! =D

  16. Can someone tell me briefly what is the basic difference between Montessori and public schools?

    I'm looking at preschools but want to know the basic differences throughout elementary, middle, and high school also. Thanks.