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Free Christmas Table Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What does paper lanterns have to do with Alice in Wonderland?

    I am throwing my 14 year old an Alice in Wonderland birthday party and when searching for party ideas I keep coming up with paper lanterns. I am just simply having a case of 'cant remember' and have no idea where in the movie or why paper lanterns are an Alice in Wonderland decoration. TIA for your help.

  2. Can you help me with my friends Black and White theme party?

    My friend is relying on me to plan her party. It's a black and white theme party. She is turning 15 so it's gonna be big! 60 people are invited. So I need ideas for decorations and food! I am part of the 4 important girls in the party, like the brides maids in a wedding, but this is her birthday. Please help!! I don't live in the U.S so please don't tell me to go party stores, I need to know what to decorate in the party, with what and how. It's not going to be a dinner so just finger food, what would be some nice "gourmet looking" food, this is like a classical party too.

  3. Best Christmas Cookie Recipe to win a contest?

    I am looking for a really creative Holiday Cookie, or Cupcake, recipe for to enter in a contest. The taste honestly does not matter as much as the presentation... ie: last years winner had Butterflies made out of Fondant on top that were all decorated different and were upright on the cookies...(held up with frosting)...Fondant doesnt taste that good.. but makes a good presentation... so something really unique and cool. Would love your ideas and suggestions.

  4. TIPS:how do you decorate a formal dance for school?

    its Winter formal at our middle school.. its going to take place in our cafeteria, and outside under a awning sort of place we can hang things from the awning place outside, like stars, etc. the theme;is winter wonderland but is named FROZEN in TImE the cafe. is the first thing u see when u walk into the school from the door. What do u suggest we should hang? The decoration inside? the stage is in the cafe. DJ will be playing there. It has to be cheap decoration ideas. PLEASE. and also what should be centerpieces for the tables where they eat. snacks for them to eat. its might be pretty cold that night... tips and advice. please. ;-)

  5. im turning 16 in january (winter) and i want to have a sweet 16.Any Ideas?

    I would like it to be fun! :) and biggish (10-20 people). also it can't be too expensive (max 300). im also thinking of maybe making it coed. i havent decided yet. so ideas for both would be nice

  6. Having Summer Outdoor Wedding, Need ideas for a smalls budget, Please...?

    I'm Having a July Outdoor Wedding. Any ideas on favors, flowers, decorations, Linens, Food, Etc... That wont blow my small budget? Please Help?

  7. I need good sweet 16 ideas!?

    I have a 750$ budget, and I don't really want to have a dance party. My birthday is in december, and very close to christmas, so I could use any suggestions that I could get. Thanks! Oh and usually i have a dinner and sleepover party. Which i really do not want to do again because it's what i have been doing for about 4 yrs.

  8. summer wedding ideas?

    im planning my moms wedding . im 15 so its a lot of work but i know i can do it. it will be in the back yard of our new Home. the yard is big and the the lake is right behind it. it will look beautiful. its on July 4 2010. any tips for themes, ideas, or color scheme? thanks so much.

  9. how can i decorate my room?

    i need room decoration ideas... (GIRL) please help :) i have a bunk with desk underneath - medium size room - and quite girlish (i like pink stuff) tell me if you want more info :)

  10. Wedding decor help? :)?

    I am planning my wedding. The theme is red, white, and silver, any decoration ideas? For the reception. I have placeholders and candleholders, but that is it. Any ideas? Please? It just has to be one of those colors, hopefully red or white, and tasteful... nothing inappropriate for someone 15, who is my youngest guest.

  11. i need ideas for a rock star B-day party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    It is for a eight year old going to be nine she is inviting 6 girls 8 total. We are having plain colors (purple and lime green). We already know the cake we are having. We are trying to get things that we don't have to order because latest day we are having it is the 20th.

  12. Cheap wedding & reception ideas.?

    I am getting married in June of 2010. We are on a VERY tight income. We need as many ideas as possible for the cheapest possible wedding ceremony & reception. Thanks for your help!

  13. christmas suppiles.. help?

    i am having aget together this christmas. the theme is 'chocolate christmas". I need of some ideas and where i can find supplies. I want a chocolate fountain and my whole house deck out in chocolate decorations. where can i find chocolate supplies for decorations and invitations. I want to be very creative

  14. Christmas decorating ideas!?!?!?

    Hi its CHRISTMAS! So I need some decorating ideas to decorate my room! SO any cute ideas for FREE that I can MAKE at HOME. I want to feel the Christmas spirit so please give me any Christmas ideas. Thx!

  15. $1,500 Total for Wedding and Reception - Western Theme, PLEASE HELP?

    I'm engaged and will be getting married in December 2012. I would like a simple and elegant western wedding and reception within budget. This includes the wedding bands, dress, and marriage license. We live in central texas. We will probably have about 30-45 people (family and close friends only). I'd like a chocolate wedding cake and bbq catering because it will begin at sunset. I'd like to have orange and white as my wedding colors or camouflage. I definitely need help with decorations and ideas about what type and color flowers to get. I've seen a bouquet made out of cotton bolls and it's really pretty. I'd like to work mason jars into the decorating theme and candles, maybe white christmas lights. I have a church picked out for the wedding but no idea about where to hold the reception. Please help with ideas that are within my budget. This is the link to view the cotton boll bouquet. http://www.thebrokeassbride.com/2010/07/a-bouquet-made-of-cotton/

  16. Twilight Birthday/Premiere/sleepover Party ideas, games?

    I am having a Twilight Birthday party after the movie at my house. I don't have ANY money to spend so i practically have to do it free. I'm inviting only three friends (Ages 13-14, girls). I want to decorate my house with pink table cloths and things like Bella's birthday. i was also thinking christmas lights outside. Are there any links for scavenger hunt games or any other types of things to do with such few girls? I was thinking maybe a craft? And for goodybags burn songs from the new soundtrack by downloading them from google? Any more cool food and drink ideas or decorations? I want to do something cool with qoutes too.