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Study Table Design Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. I want to renovate my and my children's bedroom?

    Please suggest some good interior design sites where I can view lot of pictures of bedrooms. I also want to see the pics of study tables/cabintes for keeping books and music systems

  2. Help me in decorating my bed room?

    it is almost square. Has two large windows on two adjacent walls. My bed has been made out of dark brown wood, i don't know its type. its a double bed,no carvings. I have already bought a rug. Its off white. You have to help me with the curtains, colour and design. What sort of a studying table should i have. I want pictures in my room too. Help with the entire decoration thing. I want my room to look cool and lively. Also give me suggestions regarding side table lamps

  3. what subjects are needed to study to become a wedding planner?

    what subjects are needed to study to become a wedding planner? i neeed to know what subjects to i can choose them for my year 10 electives :) thaank u xxx

  4. What should i put for Decor and furniture in a southern restaurant?

    The restaurant is supposed to be a southern Cajun fusion and i cant think of what Decor would go with that? Like should i have wood furniture what should i hang on the walls ect.

  5. How to write an Analysis and Conclusion for this lab report?

    I have this lab report due soon and its the san and water experiment, where you have to heat the sand and water at the same temperature and see which one heats up faster and which one cools down faster. Please help!

  6. Which book would you consider to be the most comprehensive visual art style guide?

    I am looking for the very best guide to style in visual art that is currently available. I want excellent quality & well presented print reproduction of the art being discussed and engaging explanatory text that is not too academic. It's absolutely OK if the book centers entirely on painting. Yes, this is probably what many people call a coffee-table style book but I'll use the example of what I think is the best way to design/publish cookbooks as an example - as the book lies open there would be a large format sharp image of the finished product on one page and the actual recipe with associated notes/comments on the other. I think you get the idea. I want a great-to-look-at book but one that is a thorough and legitimate period/style/technique/etc. overview. Thank you, in advance, for your recommendation.

  7. Any good tips for decorating my house like the Weasley's?

    Okay, I know this might sound totally ridiculous. But my husband and I love the house on the Harry Potter movies that belongs to the Weasley family. Not the outside. LOL But the over all feel of coziness and well lived in-ness of the inside. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea about decorating anything. Any tips or ideas would be great! Thanks

  8. Web sites for landscaping/shrubbery/plants?

    Hi All! My husband and I recently bought a house and have been working on remodeling the inside (kitchen, bathrooms etc). When the weather gets warmer we're hoping to be able to get outside and re-do the landscaping. Currently there are large (and overgrown) bushes on either side of our stairs that are an eye sore and need to be replaced. I was wondering if anyone knows any good web sites that show landscape design ideas, pictures of different types of shrubbery or plants and ideas for mulch or edging stones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  9. What is the best Photography/Picture Editing college in England?

    i want to do portrait/art photography...not photojournalism or commercial/advertising photography...so yeah i definitely want to get my bachelors...and in england because i want to develope the accent =] please help "you *got* to be kidding" FUCK. YOU. DOUCHE.

  10. Does anyone know a quote in To Kill A Mockingbird that states Bob Ewell's social status?

    I have read the book but i have been searching for days and cannot find one! Plus the paper is due tomorrow. Also, if there are any quotes on Atticus' social status, that would be very helpful too! P.S. please say what chapter!

  11. learn a to z about web designing free?

    hi i don't know squat about web designing is there anywhere i can get started .where i can find basiic info about whats html and web 2.0 all that i really need to find my ground level so i can work my way up any info thanks guys.

  12. What school supplies do you think I'll need for 9th grade?

    I start Tuesday! Please give me a good and thorough list of the things I'll need! hahaaa I need to go school shopping so yea, everyone's going today o-o I have: -French- -Science -Drama- & Gym for first semester :P