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Children Study Table Design Questions Answered!

  1. Do single parents struggle to cope with a pram and tray at a self service cafe and why?

    Im Studying product design and have seen parents struggling to cope with a child in a pram and a tray at a self service cafe. It tends to be a balancing act between tray and pram. Without the mother leaving the child at the table unattended. Was just wondering if their is scope for redesign.

  2. How can I paint Easter eggs with my young toddler?

    Hi, my daughter is 2, and I want to color Easter eggs with her, but I'm not sure how! Does anyone have any ideas of what kind of paint/dye to use? Are there any Easter egg kits out there suitable for such a young child? Thanks for the input!

  3. What are some good business schools in London?

    I want to pursue a postgraduate in finance, what are some good (private) universities in London that offers that? Note: I prefer private schools.

  4. What are the most important vaccines that puppies need?

    I'm a little low on money, but I want to get my puppy some vaccines. I just don't know which shots are the necessary ones. Help!

  5. Which uni in England is good for Creative Writing and Journalism?

    I have a BTEC national diploma in art and design - I got DDM. I have 9 GCSE's. I'm 23 and not going to uni until next year anyway as I have a very young daughter, she's not even 2 weeks old yet. I have three children and I'm married. I'm not massively fussed where the uni is because we decided that we would move to be closer to the uni so I can continue my education

  6. Who made the discovery about what keeps a planet in orbit? How did he/she figure it out?

    I need an answer as soon as possible please!

  7. What was the ending to devil in the white city, and any little details?

    I have read the book...I know he gets caught and that he crossed that one guy. But I read it a while back and now I dont remember the detail, like peoples names besides the architects, julie, gertrude ,and holmes. We have a quiz on it and I didnt know that my teacher cared about details. Thanks

  8. What does Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt have to do with Christianity?

    That's right! Not much. And as this book explains, if you let your children practice that pagan ritual, you may be in fact endangering their souls! http://www.landoverbaptist.org/eastereggs.html

  9. Any suggestions for home study for Key stage one sats?

    What, if any thing, do you advise that we do at home in preparation for the Sats? We are given very little homework, and what is sent home is completed with ease: Education City maths tasks and ORT "all stars" books to read. What skills are they looking for to achieve the higher levels? Are they tested in all subjects or just Maths and English?