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Study Table Design Furniture Questions Answered!

  1. what classes would I be taking with the Penn Foster Career in interior design?

    I haven't finished my classes yet for Penn Foster High, but when I'm finished I'm planning on going on to their career college, and either I'll be going in to interior design or Floral design (which in my old high school I was in Horticulture, floral, and landscape). So what classes, and what would I be learning, so maybe I could get a head start. Thanks.

  2. In high school but I want to be an interior design where to start?

    I am in high school 14 years old but I REALLY want to be an interior designer. I live in Kansas and I was wondering was school to go to and what classes I need to take in high school to get where I want?? HELP!!

  3. What were houses made out of in the early 1700's in London?

    Wood, stone, brick, etc. And the roofs? Thanks Also what kind of furniture would these houses have in them? I'm talking like a middle-class merchant's house or something. Not super wealthy, but not poor either. Sorry to add more but also what were the kitchens like? As far as appliances, I know they wouldn't have any, so how did they cook? Was there a fireplace, or a bunch of counter space, or islands? And what about storage for the food?

  4. What exactly makes a vessel an urn?

    Today I realized that the two kinds of urns I knew, Grecian urns and cremation urns, are completely different sorts of vessels from each other. A Grecian urn is a sort of a tall pot or wide vase, while a cremation urn is more of a jar. So. . . what exactly makes something an urn? What defining characteristics do these two share that other sorts of vessels don't?

  5. How can I rearrange a shared room..?

    Hi everyone, Im tired of looking at the same room everyday D: sadly though i don't completely OWN this room... :/ i share it. Well, how can i arrange it? Im afraid the person i share it with isnt gonna agree with me. I really wanna change up the furniture and move it around... Ya know, something new?!! Please help!! :( -Jennifer

  6. Help, i need ideas for this party?

    I am having a Toga Party and need any helpful hints on food, decoration, drinks, games, costumes etc... Please i need the info fast, if you have ever hosted one or have been to one or know stuff i need an answer

  7. I need to decorate my 7th grade Social Studies/French classroom from scratch - how?

    I am being put into a ratty odd pentagon shaped second story classroom. I have big windows overlooking a steel yard and beyond that mountains with lots of sun. I have a tiny kitchenette area, a wire shelving unit, and a cupboard. White boards are yet to be put in - one medium sized display board. I will be teaching Social Studies - before and after Canadian confederation and grade 6-9 French. I want something unique, functional, and engaging for these bustling students. Help! I can paint wallpaper and bring in donated or cheap furniture. I may have 17 students the class will fit that and one work table plus my desk. I have searched the internet but I cannot wait for the 'Makeover' contests - of which I have yet to see a picture of their success to get inspiration. What is our classroom design of the future for middle schools? What can mine be?

  8. How should I decorate?

    I have a reasonably big room (Not my bedroom just an extra one for whatever I want) to do whatever I want. But I have no idea what to do with it what do you think? Themes, furniture ideas, I'm 13 by the way.

  9. is there a career in which they teach how to fix cars/make cars?

    I'm in my 3rd year of H.S and all this time i thought it was called mechanical engineering but some people have told me mechanical engineering is more for machinery in companies not for fixing and modifying cars like i want. so i wanted to know what is the name of the career in a university that fixes and modifies cars. thank you for your help

  10. Designing a Japanese Dream House?

    Hi, my name is Taylor and my school studies the language Japanese for our L.O.T.E. program. We have been asked to design a "Japanese Dream Home" - a house that we would like to live in, that includes some Japanese culture. What are some different rooms and furniture that are in a typical Japanese house, that I can put in my design?

  11. When you think of a "Great Achievement in Clean and Simple Design," what do you think of?

    What are the top 20 "achievements in clean and simple design"? These should be well known human-made objects that are timeless and elegant. They can span all history and come from any genre: print design, the web, architecture, food, fashion, furniture, jewelry, art, sculpture, industrial design, etc. If you agree with items already posted in this forum, please let me know that, too! Some ideas: Pyramids of Egypt Vidal Sasson Angular Cut http://www.pmpnetwork.com/photos8/VidalSassoon.jpg Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Can http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Warhol-Campbell_Soup-1-screenprint-1968.jpg The French Press: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:French_press.jpg The WordPress Default Theme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Wordpress_main_theme.png Life Magazine Covers: http://www.originallifemagazines.com/thumb/b7a6df3a7568b8a269e8ec0400475047.jpg Classic Corvette Coca-Cola logo Bauhaus Chair http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Bauhaus_Chair_Breuer.png Your ideas???

  12. Bedroom decorating websites?

    I really want my bedroom to be different but can't think of how to fill the space as it's quite big, and I want to move around my furniture but it's really heavy so I don't want to move it then decide that I want to move it back. Is there a website where you can put in you room dimensions and then you can do online decorating to see what you like best?

  13. Ideas for my college project?

    I'm studying graphic design at college and we have been given a theme for our project. The theme is "inside out" I'd like to do something with photography and edit it in photoshop.... Does anyone have some ideas? Thanks a lot :)