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Modern Study Table Design Questions Answered!

  1. Can someone please tell me a ranked list of general chemistry books?

    I need to study general chemistry for Phd exam and I need to know which references are appropriate.I studied Analytical chemistry.

  2. I am a CA final student.which is the correct direction for keeping study books according to vaastu shastra?

    i study in the north east corner of the room with the table 2 feet away from the wall. can i keep the books in the east or west direction ? what about keepin the books in south east direction. please help.

  3. Does anyone know of any weight loss supplements that actually work?

    I know that diet and exercise are needed too... I just want something that works.

  4. How can anything in the bible be taken seriosly?

    I mean think about it really think about.How do you know anything in the bible is what really happened.Words and stories CAN and WILL be twisted and distorted in 2000 by power hungry humans.Honestly the bible has most likely been rewriting hundreds of times.Its not like people had google to use back then anyone could say anything and anyone would believe it.

  5. What is the most effective route for weight loss?

    I know the answer is proper diet and proper exercise. The question i'm wondering is consuming roughly 1500 calories a day, maybe less, what's the best way to cut fat. I plan on lifting but i need to know what kind of cardio to incorporate.. Such as biking and jogging. i'm 210 pounds, decent build but have some belly fat i want to cut. By consuming 1500 cals or less i'm cutting excess food, i'll be sculpting muscle, but i still am clueless on the amount of cardio. All advice is appreciated. thanks.

  6. How do I decorate with colorful art?

    My apartment is mainly decorated in black and white, and it has contemporary feel. However I want to add some vibant splashes of color through wall decor, but I am unsure how to do it. I would like to get multiple pieces of art and other interesting wall decor to hang up but I am afraid I will do it wrong and it will not go together or it may clash. Can you suggest any places I can study up on how to properly decorate my walls with art?

  7. what is the fastest weight loss diets?

    I am getting married in october and need to loose weight to fit into my gown which I ordered a size smaller I know stupid. What is the fastest way to loose weight because it needs to come off quick!

  8. What kind of mood will green/black theme gives to a room ?

    I am thinking, dark lime green carpet, lacquered shiny black study table with maybe green trimming or ornate green design........walls are green with black borders...

  9. What exactly is a ECDL qualification?

    I'm thinking of taking this qualification, but i'm not too sure. Is this one of the best qualifications to get when looking for or wanting to work in a office based environment with IT.

  10. Why are so many fools choosing Christianity?

    Don't you see that Christianity is an Abrahamic faith spread by white devils? WAKE UP! Christianity is fake! No proof of God, tons of hypocrisy in the Church, and fabricated fairy tales about people living in whales, turning into salt, snakes talking. Atansyon! Bondye se fo. Tout mond lan deteste Jezi Kris la.

  11. Do any of you know a good site for finding specific Elizabethan period inventions?

    I need it for a World Studies project. Kthxbai