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Built In Study Table Design Questions Answered!

  1. Sites for designs of studying tables at adult bedroom?

    I am looking for designs of studying tables at adult bedrooms can you advice me of sites that has such designs? I am looking for sites either has photographs or blue print designs.

  2. what was the flaw in the design of the Tacoma narrows bridge that cause it to collapse?

    im studying for a science exam and this was a question that we needed to find the answer to on our own. I've looked all over the internet, but its not on wikipedia or answers or any of the first couple of pages of google. i just need to know what was wrong with the bridge that allowed the wind to break it.

  3. What does one need to know to build a robot?

    A touch of electronics? A dash of programming? Assuming I'm not going to have to machine all the parts myself, what technical knowledge would I need to have? Bonus Question: What language would you use to program a robot? C?

  4. What is a possible scientific research project?

    I have a school assignment and am currently drawing a blank. Could you please give me some ideas of what I could do? Something more complex than "the differeing melting times of chocolate" But something more do-able than "The bodily chemicals realeased after such and such event occurs to the body"

  5. What is the ideal environment to code a website in for you?

    I know PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML. I probably need to learn Javascript, and a little bit of Ajax just probably for forms or something. What is the ideal environment to work in? Just for you specifically I guess. On a Windows PC, Linux PC, or Mac (I have heard they have nice programs over there, CSStabs I heard of) What programs do you use? Dreamweaver? PHP Professional? And please I don't want to hear any 1337 programs saying they just use regular notepad. I have heard some people code on Firefox using it's extensions Do you have Apace with others set up, or do you just have an all in one server like Xampp set up? And finally, when you code, I'm assuming you don't do it with just your mind, do you have any references (books, printed pages, websites) you use while you code it? I am an aspiring coder, and I don't wish to pay money to learn this. I'm getting there. I just want to know some of you guys setups.

  6. What are the good science colleges in Mumbai,India?

    I would want to know what are the good science junior colleges in Mumbai for +2. I have recently given my grade 10 CBSE exam. In future i would want to become a pilot so please suggest what decisions i should be making so as to get into a good college and be a pilot.

  7. What do you think the future of the iPod touch will be?

    I have a 2nd gen "iTouch" and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in terms of developments. What would you like to see or, just the opposite, hate to see?

  8. Where can I find a resume template that suit the Australian Job Market ?

    I'm moving to Sydney soon and I need to write a resume that looks familiar to the Australian job market. I need a doc template to edit it with my information. Many Thanks.

  9. What exactly does "Foundation work and Soil analysis" mean in regards to civil engineering?

    I just started this topographical drafting class and i was asked to do a powerpoint Presentation on "Foundation work and Soil analysis" but i don't really understand what that is. plus i don't have the book yet. can someone give me a definition and maybe a website that describes it? no books please, i cant afford that and i don't have time to look for one cuz she gave us less than a week. thank you