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How To Make A Christmas Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. What can I do to make my Christmas Wedding special - and christmassy - but not Cheesy?

    I'm getting married on january 3rd in a big country house, I'm keeping all the christmas decorations up and would love to incorporate a christmas theme into the table decorations and maybe the cake and things too - but don't want it to end up looking like a grotto gone bad!

  2. On the christmas table, what has to be there in your point of view?

    "...or it will not be a real christmas table!" Food, decorations or what ever you feel is essential. ---

  3. How do you decorate your home for christmas?

    Christmas tree is a must have, but what other decorations or things do you use/do to make your home christmasy?

  4. How do you/will you baby proof your christmas tree?

    My son will be about 15 months at Christmas and he's already into everything!! I put up the tree today with no lights or decorations and all he's done is walk over and bang his hands on it over and over again. Any ideas?

  5. How to keep your dog from playing with christmas tree ornaments?

    Hi everyone Happy Holidays, my dog thinks that the ornaments are toys and she picks them and play with them when I'm out of the apartment, my tree is medium sized and I put it on a table, she can jump on nearby furniture and picks them up, what should I do to make her understand that they are not toys, help please, and please note that I have very little space okay she doesn't get hurt at all they are all palstic, I'm just worried about the tree decoration being ruined, but there is no danger for her at all, I just want a way to teach her that these are not toys, I just don't know how I can make her understand this I'm Orthodox my christmas is on 7th of janurary Lizzie you gave me a great idea about the gates thing thank you and trust me I know my dog I know those ornaments can't hurt her, and I love my dog more than anything in the world I just wanted to figure out a way to teach her that those aren't toys or keep her away from it and you gave a great idea not gonna do it exactly but it inspired me to do something similar, so thank you again

  6. I just spend one hundred and fifty dollars on christmas decorations, am i crazy?

    In my family we get very creative when it comes to decorating for christmas. I decided for my tree this year to decorate with a Simpsons theme. The simpsons lights and ornaments came to 150.00 total. Am i crazy for doing this? The ornaments and lights are cool and I love the simpsons. I'm planning on keeping this theme for years to come and just adding some ornaments to it every year because there's so much simpsons stuff out there.

  7. When is it appropriate to start putting up and taking down holiday decorations?

    I have some neighbors who have already decked out their houses in Christmas lights, yet there are other houses who still have their jack-o-lanterns still out. What is the proper protocol for putting up and taking down holiday decorations?

  8. What are good decorations for a christmas party?

    I'm gonna have a Christmas party this year and i need to know what would be some good decorations for it!