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Christmas Decorating Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas on christmas themes for decorating a round table that sits 8 people?

    hey guys, so i need a little help with something. i'm have to decorate a round table that sits 8 people for my church we're doing a womens dinner thing and we have to have some kind of christmas theme with it and placemats, and a centerpiece, ect, to go with the theme i'm doing. any ideas on christmas themes i could do???

  2. Can I please have some tips on a Christmas table setting?

    My family and I are flying to meet my aunt and uncle in Alice Springs, NT, for christmas, and it is my responsibility to decorate the table for out Christmas lunch. I would like some ideas, tips or suggestions, on what would look good. Also most of the stuff needs to be able to be pre-made or easy and quick to make when we get there. Thanks

  3. Any ideas how to dress my buffet table at my wedding?

    My wedding is a christmas wedding ,and my theme is red and ivory,my dress is red with silver beading :) Should i dress it in a christmasy theme cause there will be christmas trees and stuff at my reception. 10 Points to best answer!

  4. How can I make christmas special and decorate in a small space?

    Me and my partner are getting married on Dec 20th so I am eager to make this christmas extra special - any ideas? Also, we rent a small apartment and there's no room for a tree and we're not allowed to put drawing pins in the walls or ceiling so I am wondering how we can decorate for christmas? I was thinking of having bowls of baubles and sweets around with candles and flowers. Any other ideas? THANKS ! x

  5. What are some ideas for a christmas presents for a 14 year old, 12 year old, and 9 year old?

    im going to texas to see my cousins for christmas and im not that sure of what to get them.

  6. How can I make my deck the party spot?

    I bought a new townhouse with a 10x10 deck. I would like to decorate the deck so that it has more than the standard table and umbrella. I want ideas that will help me personalize the space.

  7. How do I decorate my new room?

    Okay so my older brother is going to college. He has the biggest room in the house. My parents said when he moves out I can have his room and turn my old room into a hangout place for me and my friends. I am a 16 year old girl. Any ideas for my new room or anything cool to do with my old room to make it a cool hang out for me and my friends. And please don't make it anything expensive, I have a super small budget.

  8. How can I decorate my house for christmas?

    Some nice original ideas, easy to make but not like kiddie crafts??? thanks!