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Decorating Table Ideas For Parties Questions Answered!

  1. I love to throw parties and entertain guests in my home, anyone know good message boards about the topic?

    I'd love to discuss decorating, table scapes, menu ideas, drink recipes, invitations, and party themes. Where can I go?

  2. Any ideas for table centerpieces for a Supergirl Party?

    I cant find anything on the internet ..even on those party places, they dont seem to carry table centerpieces...that could be a good way to decorate the table? Any ideas...thanks...

  3. Can you help me think of ideas for a Black & Pink themed birthday party for a 14 year old girl?

    I need food ideas, decorating ideas, anything! It will be a co-ed party of all teenagers. Black & Pink is the only theme.

  4. How should I decorate the tables for a New Year's Eve Party?

    I am trying to help decorate the tables for a New Year's Eve Party. I can only think of clear vases with small white candles (lit). I want to add candies or something surrounding them (besides confetti). Any suggestions are appreciated!

  5. I am having my sweet sixteen in 5 days, please help me with creative ideas?

    The main colors of my party is pink, purple, black and silver. My party doesn't have a theme and I would like ideas on how to decorate tables, what to do to make it look pretty and not dull. Centre pieces for tables? It won't be a sit-down there will be finger-foods on tables so I just want to make it look pretty and attractive. Please HELP!!!! Any advice regarding a sweet sixteen is welcome!

  6. I need ideas on how to decorate a table for a graduation party?

    i am having a graduation party for my daughter and need to decorate some table for the party any ideas

  7. Anyone have ideas on how to set a spooky dinner table for 12 guest?

    I'm throwing a Halloween Dinner party for 12 people. I want to decorate the table all fancy and spooky. I have skull candles to put in the middle. But I'm not very creative...I was thinking of maybe doing like a deep red table cloth and black dinner plates and utensils. Any idea how I can make the table creative spooky and fun but not spend a lot? Thanks!

  8. What kind of things should I consider when organising my first tea party?

    I want to organise a tea party for next saturday which just so happens to be the Spring equinox apparently. It will be afternoon tea/low tea, but I want to serve it at my dining table.. is this wrong? I want it all to be ridiculously over the top proper and posh just to make it more fun for my friends. I'm already having difficulty on which china to decide on. How would you say i should decorate the table? centerpiece, flowers, candles etc Any other ideas will be helpful

  9. Traditional Indian party favors and table decorating ideas?

    I have to decorate a table and my theme is India, like Asia India. I also want to give the people sitting at the the table something to wear so they can get into the theme. I was thinking of buying earings or bangels for the girls but I wouldn't know what to give the men. Any ideas?

  10. How do i decorate a formal table for a dinner party?

    I have 20 tables to decorate for a formal dinner and I am looking for ideas or a theme if you could help out that would be great

  11. decorating ideas for alice in wonderland themed party?

    Am in need of lots of clever, homemade decoration ideas to totally blow this party out the water. All ideas greatly appreciated.