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Decorating Table Ideas For Thanksgiving Questions Answered!

  1. What are some favors that we could give out at a 007 themed party?

    Its tradition at our school for the Junior class to put on the prom for the Senior class. Since they're the class of 2007, we thought of the idea of a 007/James Bond theme for prom. What are some unique ideas of things that we could give as favors?

  2. How much would a road trip to Tahoe cost for 3 days from San Fransisco?

    ok so we drive there for like 5 hours, we need food, place to stay (prefferably somewhere nice) stuff to do......rent movies...things lyk tht it would be over thanksgiving, and 3-4 ppl. theres a rough idea, ok thanks!!! <3

  3. any ideas on decorating silverware with a napkin?

    for halloween? it will have a napkin, fork, and knife any ideas on decorating them?

  4. Planning a church fellowship dinner to celebrate everyone's birthday, need ideas?

    People will sit at the table with the month of their birth, we will decorate with balloons, cupcakes with a candle for dessert, any other ideas?