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Easter Decorating Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone have any good ideas on decorating a table for a Mother's Day luncheon?

    We have a annual luncheon at church where each hostess decorates her own table and has little presents for all the Mothers' at her table. I am looking for a theme with some kind of low cost presents that I can make or buy to coordinate with the theme.

  2. 4-H - Any ideas for youth service projects?

    I've recently taken over a 4-H club and would like to incorporate more community type service. We have made valentines for Veterans, and collected canned food for the food bank. Any other out of the box ideas? Thanks! Sorry, I posted twice under different title.

  3. what are some good ideas for an easter egg hunt at church where kids can win prizes and play games?

    I have a very small group of kids that comes to sunday school. different ages range from 3-16, its so hard keeping sunday school fun and they learn something at the same time. i would like to give them a day of fun that saturday before easter anys suggestions i'm open thanks

  4. What are some good mothers day crafts for a group of 8 year old cub scouts to make for their Moms?

    Hopefully using things we have around the house. I don't mind spending a few bucks, but money is tight this week since the car broke down. Coupon books are nice, but I feel like that is done by everyone. They have about an hour to complete their projects.

  5. How should I decorate the venue for my pink & blue, cotton candy themed sweet sixteen?

    I just bought a cute dress from Betsey Johnson today that looks like this: http://www.betseyjohnson.com/store/ProductImages/details/4359_sea_l.jpg Since my dress is pink and blue, it reminded me of cotton candy, hence the theme. I want some sort of theme based around that. Any ideas for center pieces or other decorations i could use? Oh, and it's not limited to cotton candy use exactly, but a pink and blue color scheme. Thanks, btw!

  6. Some fun activities for about 6 kids ages 5-8 to do at a birthday party?

    My daughters party is tomorrow and im so not creative idk wat to do with these kids. Im thinking about having an easter egg hunt because easters right around the corner but after that idk wat to do any ideas?

  7. What are some good projects or crafts I can entertain my children with?? My kids are 6, 4, & 2??

    The kids are out for Easter break and they can't really play outside because they all have runny noses. I would love for them to play outside but one day its hot & the next day its cold. I would love to come up with new things for them to do in the house. We've done all the basic stuff like coloring, painting, dressing up, ect... Please help

  8. What exactly does a Wiccan believe in and do for there religion?

    I do not understand it just what I hear

  9. How should i have this party?

    Ok, so it's an easter party, and i want some help on how to decorate the table, what to cook, drink, and how would I put my bunny as kind of a display would I have him in his cage but by the people. Any idea's would be AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  10. Anyone know any unique wedding ideas for a country wedding?

    Around late march in kentukcy.

  11. Do you have any good ideas for easter crafts/ fun?

    Just want something good to do over easter with my lil brother! :) Anyone who answers will get a thumbs up rating! Plus extras from other members! Thanks!

  12. im having a party im turning 12 my birthday was on december 28?

    i want to know what kind of food should i have & how to decorate the house. because my house is pretty ugly well not that ugly. i guess its ugly to me because i lived here for like 3-4 years & do anyone have any other ideas for a party Thaank you for your helps :)