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Fall Decorating Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. help with decorating ideas for my wedding?

    ok so I need some help with decorating ideas. First off a little about me and what I am looking for. I am a fantasy fanatic especially about the fey world. the fey world has four kingdoms each representing the four seasons. I would like to have my reception decorated as if I were the queen of the autumn court. my colors are red, orange and gold. any Ideas?

  2. House Decorating ideas for pumpkin themed 1st birthday for daughter?

    My daughter turns ONE this halloween, I am having a pumpkin/fall/ halloween/1st birthday theme. I need ideas to make my house look great and host a great 1st birthday. ** mainly adults will be there or kids 5 and under

  3. Help with table decorating ideas for a rental hall wedding?

    We are on a very tight budget, and going with fall for our theme. The dresses will be apple red and I was thinking of white linens for tables but somehow incorperating fall colors without making it look cheaply done. We are going to use paper napkins, so I was thinking yellow for one table, orange for another, and red for another and so on. I dont want it to look tacky but I need some ideas. We dont have much money so nothing extraordinary please

  4. We are painting our bedroom lime green. What kind of theme do we decorate the room with?

    I chose this color from Behr (sweet Midori) on a whim. I fell in love with the color. But now I'm wondering, what would the theme of the room be? Should I just keep it simple and decorate with white accents and decorations? Thanks for any and all answers.

  5. How to keep a bedroom clean and organzied?!?

    How to keep a room clean.... I’m an extremely organized individual when I WANT TO BE. Key words here: “want to be”. I have a hard time keeping organized when I don’t like what I’m trying to keep up. I hate my bedroom. It is SOOOOOOO boning. It has cream carpet, and cream walls. And a HIDEOUS bed frame. I don’t have any cash to decorate it but I want to clean it and make sure I keep it that way? I keep trying to add stuff to it to make it better but I was thinking simplifying it may make it easier… Any suggestions on simplifying my bedroom and keeping it CLEAN so I don’t have to clean it every week!?