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Wedding Decorating Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can I grow my own flowers for my wedding's center pieces?

    When should I start planting them? How long will they stay fresh for during the reception? I will be planting them indoors in little plant pots.Is this good idea.I really want to save as much money as I can for my wedding.How much money do you deem it will cost to decorate atleas 8 tables? Where i sthe best place for me to get the materials( flower seeds, pots, etc)?Thanks!

  2. How to decorate a Grooms Cake Table?

    My sisters wedding is tomorrow and we need some ideas on decorating the Grooms Cake Table. His cake is in the shape of a fish and on the corner of the board the cake sits on it says "JD is hooked. And hes a keeper." Any ideas?

  3. What is cheaper for tablecloths and linens?

    I'm on a somewhat tight budget for my wedding, so I was wondering if it is cheaper to buy the tablecloths, linen, chair covers..etc wholesale.. or to rent it.. and if there's anyone who has any idea what the prices range between for renting them around the coachella valley. i also want to add that some prices that i'm looking at to buy all the cloths and linens wholesale, the cheapest is around $700 for everything i need to decorate the tables and chairs.