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Easy Christmas Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Could I please have some suggestions for recipes for an "International Food Fest".?

    We are a senior "group" who is putting together an "International Food Fest" for our residents. We need some ideas for simple recipes from different countries and also ideas on decorations. Thank you!!!

  2. i need some ideas for a low budget wedding?

    sounds bad putting it that way but we really don't have alot of money so we want to save to have a decent wedding just not over extravagant. any ideas? we're already saving money by having both the wedding and the reception at his grandma's house. the reception can be pretty she has a georgous pool setting in the back any help i'd appreciate it :)

  3. Recyclable things, that can be made into ornaments?

    I am doing a project in science where we have to make christmas ornaments with recyclabe things around the house, All I can think of is paper, lttle cardboard boxes, bottle cans, wat else !!!!!!!!!

  4. My roommate has gone crazy with tinsel. I am about to smack her!?

    I come home from work today and my apartment is covered with tinsel. It is all over my TV, the windows, the coffee table, the floors. EVERYWHERE. So I say, what happened? She said she just got done decorating. I said, well get it off my stuff. She is just like relax, it is just decoration and she will take it down after christmas. I HATE TINSEL. It is a cheap and easy excuse for decoration. It makes the whole apartment look like a redneck womans dream. Now she won't listen to me and clean it up. I am SO angry. I am ready to kick her out. I don't want to overreact though. What do I say now!?

  5. Nightmare Before Christmas wedding ideas?

    We are having a nightmare before christmas themed wedding! :) The color scheme is gonna be red and black..I'll be wearing a red wedding gown and he'll be wearing his Dress Blues (he's in the Marines.) Any decoration ideas? Bouquet, flowers, table decor, cake, music, etc..any ideas will help.

  6. Need ideas for 100th Birthday Party?

    We are having a birthday party for a female family member who will be turning 100 in November. It will be in Novemeber in a hall. We are doing a pot luck supper with about 150 people. Children of all ages will attend. We need ideas for decorations & entertainment. The budget is low. Any ideas you have will be appreciated. We want this to be a very special event for this Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma and Great-great grandma.

  7. help me and the fam are decorate r house for x mas what would you like to see?

    we go way out for x mas and halloween. We love every holiday and we decorate every holiday...so im asking what would you like to see as are example for are decoration's...for x mas... oh got any good food ideals for us to make:]