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Birthday Party Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Where can i find wizard of oz paper plates/napkins etc. for a birthday ?

    Looking for anything that i can have at a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party (21st birthday) including table decorations, cakes, balloons but most importantly looking for plates and napkins.

  2. Does anyone have any homemade decoration ideas for a mexican birthday party for a 9 year old that we can make?

    I want to make my own mexican birthday party decorations for my daughter's 9th birthday party. Maybe flowers, pinatas, etc.

  3. How to host this kind of party?

    I decided to throw a Cuban styled birthday party. It's going to be somewhat like the Havana Nights (Dirty Dancing) movie. It is going to be HUGE. A LOT of people are coming and I want it to be a very memorable party. I need your ideas on everything from invites and table decorations to music and entertainment. Thanks =) oh and I'm 15..but this is gonna be big haha

  4. need ideas for birthday party decorations that cover every month of the year for 130 girls?

    this is a girls camp with a cruise theme. each night is a differet theme. 1st night we want to have a big birthday party. we need to set up tables to seperate grls according to the month they were born. need ideas on how to decorate each table and the lodge in general. thought about using holidays or seasons and even birthstoneswhich i loved but cannot find 2 website with the same birthstone information. we want it to be special and affordable. party favors too-help!!!

  5. I want to throw a party for my boyfriend?

    My boyfriend is a firefighter and I would love to throw him a great birthday party. I am specifically looking for sexy women dressed as firefighters for decorations: table cloths, cups, plates, centerpieces, etc.. Can anyone help and tell me where I can find these kinds of decorations?

  6. Menu for a first birthday party in October?

    I could use some suggestions with a menu for my daughter's first birthday party on October 6th. We are inviting 22 adults and 17 kids. The party will be at our home (we're praying for a good weather day, otherwise we'll be setting up tables in our unfinished basement!). I prefer to cook rather than cater, but catering isn't completely out (except that I'm NOT doing fried chicken, beef sandwiches, and mostaccoli, the typical middle-class "party fare" here in the Chicago suburbs). I plan on sticking with a fall theme, with pumpkins for the kids to decorate, and maybe some fall decorations in addition to some "first birthday" ones. Any suggestions for a menu? Thanks!

  7. What are some good 13 year old birthday party ideas?

    My younger sister wants to have a small birthday party that doesn't cost much money. If she were to have a sleep over our parents would only allow her to invite 2 of her friends but she has more than two best friends and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She also doesn't want to have a big party or a theme party, and she doesn't want it to be like she's a little kid. She asked me to help her plan the party, but I can't think of any ideas that would work. Any ideas?

  8. What are suggestions for Alice In Wonderland themed 17th birthday party?

    Im having an Alice In Wonderland themed 17th birthday party. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what to do. Im getting a slip n slide [not rlly AIW themed but im a kid at heart] Any other ideas?

  9. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas For A Cool&Sweet 17 Birthday Party?

    I'm planning a 17th birthday party for my friend, and I have 100.00 spending limit! I want to plan a cheap but cool and hip party!! Does anyone have any ideas for games, snacks, themes, or decorations?

  10. What are some good party games/things to do for a 16th birthday party?

    Im turning 16 soon and my birthday party theme is Alice in Wonderland (the movie comes out on my birthday ^^) and i was wondering what the Hell i can do to keep people occupied that wont be immature. I don't have parties often so i am clueless when i comes to this stuff :( please help! It's Coed and bout 30 or more people are coming.

  11. Ideas for kids spongebob themed birthday party?

    Im planning a little girls birthday party and i need some ideas. Shes turning 8, and the theme is spongebob. Its a very small party with only like 5-6 kids. I would appreciate any ideas: food, cake, games, and decorations?

  12. How do I plan a birthday party for a teenager?

    I'm planning a party for a teenage girl (around 13-15) and I'm having some trouble thinking of what to do. She told me that she had no preferences, just no ice-skating, dance parties, movies or bowling. Those would typically be the places you'd take an average 13-15 year old on a birthday party, right? So does anyone have any suggestions? The price range would be about 100-200 dollars, I'm guessing. Or average price for a party.

  13. Any ideas for centerpieces for son's 1st birthday party?

    I'm making my son's 1st birthday party in a couple months. We're doing a jungle animal theme. I don't know what to put as centerpieces on the tables. I didn't want to buy paper/cardboard decorations that say "Happy 1st Birthday" because you'll just end up throwing them away. I feel that's a waste of money. Perhaps I could make something cute that guests could take home if they wanted. My in-laws suggested we just buy animal toys.

  14. what are some ideas for a 21st birthday party in a party hall?

    I am celebrating my 21st birthday party in 2 months and I have a DJ, Karaoke, preety much Open bar, the color theme is purple , white and ivory. I am just wondering if anyone has anymore ideas for a 21st birthday party and like decoration ideas that I could use for a party hall.