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Christmas Party Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. How can I creatively throw a "childhood" themed party?

    Every year my sisters get together and we have a christmas party. This year is my year to throw it. I want to do a "remembering childhood" theme. Have foods that our mom used to cook when we were children. I need more creative ideas on decorating and setting the right atmosphere to fit the theme and Christmas.

  2. How does one make a gothic-themed party?

    We are in the midst of planning my semi-formal 18th birthday party, and we've decided on a gothic theme, with a black-violet-silver color scheme. The party is in two weeks and we're going to decorate the function hall of the hotel we've chosen. Any ideas? Thank you! Don't get me wrong, I am not a goth, haha. I don't have the goth attitude, I just like the visual style, as in the fashion, the aesthetics. I already have a program and stuff, I'm just asking about the decorations.

  3. What are some ways I can have a low-priced sweet 16 that is still fun?

    My parents do not want a really expensive party. I really want something that is super fun and memorable without breaking the bank. Any ideas?

  4. What kind of merchandise is at the employee only store at Disneyland?

    I know there is a store at Disneyland that is for employees only. My husband's grandma has access because she is a DLR retiree but she hasn't been there in a while. I want to know what kind of stuff I can find there and if I can find birthday party decorations and stuff. Please don't recommend other Disney stores and discount stores I've been to them all!! I only want to know about this specific one.

  5. How should I decorate my house for my 19th Birthday?

    I want to decorate my living room, dining room, and kitchen for my 19th Birthday party. It's going to be a house party, and I want the space to have a lounge feel. I've already decided that I'm going to have it dark, and have white christmas lights hung around. There are going to be about 50 people there, so I want decorations that will be cheap. Thanks!

  6. Can someone tell me the difference and comparison between thanksgiving and christmas?

    Can someone tell me the differaance between thanksgiving and christmas for a 5 paragraph essay? and if u can give me a topic sentence and concluding sentence.. its for a comparision & contrast paper about christmas & thanksgiving.. i got my 3 points i just need more detail or explanation 1. about giving thanks 2. family & parties 3. festivities please help.. i will really appeciate it

  7. Will your Holiday spending be dampened this year due to our economic crisis, What will you cut back on ?

    Will you go all out with decorating, buying gifts, food, parties,etc.as though the economy is fixed?