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Party Table Decoration Flowers Questions Answered!

  1. How do I set the tea table?

    I have seen many tea party tables online with flowers and other decorations. Is there a certain way to set and decorate a tea table for a tea party?

  2. What table decorations can i use for a formal science-themed party?

    I'm hosting a dinner with a science theme for 60 people. There will be 8 round tables with black tablecloths. I'm struggling to create beautiful centrepieces which correlate to the theme. Please help!

  3. I want to start my own Wedding Planners & Party organizers business? What all will i need for that?

    In the sense-> florists, caterers, DJ man, The ones who do all the chair/ table decorations & balloons, bakers... etc. Please list here a few people who will be involved. Thanks

  4. How to set up table cloths and napkins in fall colors for wedding?

    Bridesmaid dresses are red. I was thinking linens be white, but how to incoorperate fall colors? Napkins colors? Centerpieces without flowers? I want a lot of fall things and colors but how to without looking tacky? Its a vfw hall and we are on a very low, tight budget.

  5. How do I make a party seem truly 'tropical'?

    I am planning to have a party with some friends with a Hawaii/Tropical theme. I need ideas! Do you have any for food, games, and invitations? Please and thank you!!

  6. How to throw a surprise party for my parents on their anniversary?

    It is going to be their 20th anniversary!! I know who their friends are and all, and I can sneakily get their emails to email them and invite them to the surprise party. B But IDK how to get them to leave so I can set things up. And I don't even know how to set up/ decorate the house... I want to make it a potluck kind of party. Is that bad?

  7. where can i find teal and silver party decorations?

    I'm having a quince and my colors are teal and silver. where can i find party decorations like table covers, centerpieces, favors, etc. Also were can i find a dress that is teal and a doll?

  8. What necessities should I place on the entrance table to my tea party?

    I am throwing a church tea party and need to know what necessities to add to the table. The only ideas I have at the moment are the decorations and a guest sign-in sheet so I can send out thank you cards. Should I add the favors to this table or not? Does anyone have any other ideas to make the entrance table look a little busier?

  9. What could I do for my 18th birthday party?

    I'm trying to think of a theme for my 18th birthday party. I'm female. I really want a party that I can dress up for and money is an issue. I was given the suggestion of a masquerade ball, but I'm not sure I could pull that off. It is February 25 and my birthday is September 25. I have a lot of time to plan, but I figured I would get a head start since I need time to find out where I can hold my party!! Any ideas are appreciated!! Thanks!

  10. Unique ways to fill a vase for a housewarming party?

    I am throwing my sister a surprise housewarming party and since it isn't at her house we are using details decorations. So I bought vases and shadow boxes for the tables. I want unique ways to fill them! Any suggestions?

  11. Any suggestions for a Brown Bear book themed first birthday party?

    My son is turning 1 in August and I am planning a party themed around Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? (a favorite of his). Does anyone have any suggestions how I can incorporate any elements of this book into his party? Invitations, cake, decorations, favors, etc. We're planning on low-key, but would like to put on a cute party for him. Thanks!