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Dinner Party Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. How do you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Game?

    I am a pretty creative person who loves throwing dinner parties and thought a dinner murder mystery game party would be kind of cool however I don't want to purchase a kit over the internet when it might be easy to put together on its own. Has anyone here thrown one before and if so how does it work and what do you need... instructions are helpful :) Thanks!

  2. I need some decoration suggestions for a party im having?

    Im throwing a murder mystery dinner party that is a millionaire theme. The title of it is Murder of a Millionaire. So I have to decorate to make it seem ritzy. Everyone will be dressed in fancy evening wear. We are eating dinner too. Please help!! I do not mean my outfit or my guest's outifts. I meant the decorations for the room. I also have a packet that tells me what to do to throw the party. So I really only need ideas for the room.

  3. How should I decorate the kitchen for this years haunted house party?

    I am planning a halloween party this year and while I have every other room figured out, I cant seem for find a way to decorate the kitchen. I don't know what to do with it.

  4. How does the dinner buffet process work?

    I want a complete process documentation of how a dinner buffet is planned for different types of recipes.

  5. Can anyone help with dinner party ideas?

    I am having a Chinese themed dinner party. The menu is already planned. I am keeping it simple with egg rolls, fried rice, and general tso's chicken. I need ideas for decorations and outfits. All input would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to keep it as inexpensive as possible. :)

  6. What are some good theme ideas for a surprise 50th birthday party?

    I'm throwing a surprise party for my mom who will be 50. Any good ideas you've heard of for themes for a 50th birthday party.

  7. How can I throw the best Halloween party?

    So my family is going to throw a halloween party and I wanna know how to make it perfect! Btw we dont have the biggest house ever so something that can work with an average sized house maybe? And just some party pointers and stuff!

  8. How do I keep adults entertained at a party?

    Every time I have a party my dining room turns into a frat house. Beer pong, flip cups, you name is started. I know I need to have that or people will get bored but I'm having a cocktail party for Christmas and would actually like to have food layed out, decorations on the dining room table etc. There isn't any other place I can have people play beer pong but the dining room. What are some other calmer drinking games or even just something to keep people entertained? I provide food, drink, music, and huka. When it's warmer I usually have fire pit outside but who knows what the weather will be like it's so unpredictable where I live. No gross answers it's annoying!

  9. Any ideas on what to do for my parents 25th Anniversary suprise party?

    I know to use silver. I just dont know what to do for food and decorations.

  10. Any suggestions on Decorations for a Graduation Party?

    I would like to make some decorations with Streamers. Not the usual twist/balloon line the ceiling and tables type. Something unique. Maybe a nice centerpiece for the table. I am going to use to use the school colors for the theme. This will be a Graduation Dinner for a Senior. It will be at a banquet hall and about 50 guests. I haven't completely decided on the food just yet. I have a month to plan it. Do you have any ideals or suggestions? Thanks in Advance.

  11. Dinner is buffet so what should I put on the guest tables?

    The party is at a party hall and the food will be served at the buffet table. So each person will go up to get their food. Should the plates,forks , napkins and knives be at the buffet table for the guests to pick up as they line up? So what is left for the guest tables just the centerpeice?