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Wedding Party Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Can you be a wedding designer?

    I'm a graphic designer, and very creative by nature. I learned while planning my wedding that I am very good at creating things like centerpieces, favors, table designs, escort cards, custom stationary, decorations and coordinating wedding party looks - and all at a reasonable cost. I don't think I would be very good at being a "wedding coordinator" per-se, but just very good with all of the visual aspects. Is there some kind of career in this? Thanks!

  2. What is a good feature colour to break up a black and white wedding?

    I'm having a black and white wedding. Bridal party attire, decorations, stationary etc will all be black and white, but I think i need a touch of colour to lighten it up. My fiance says red or yellow. I don't really like yellow and red can be harsh. Any other suggestions. It is a formal, summer, evening wedding. Any reasons why the colour would work would be fantastic. Thanks in advance. It is a formal, summer, evening wedding. Any reasons why the colour would work would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

  3. At a 25th Anniversary party who should sit at the head table??

    My husband and I are throwing a 25th anniversary party for his parents and the hall we rented has a head table. Who should sit at this table? Obviously the guests of honor but who else? Should it be their children and grandchildren or their original wedding party? I have never been to an anniversary party so I'm trying to wing throwing one! Please help!

  4. I am purchasing diamond confetti as a table decoration. How much do I need to buy for 20 tables?

    I am helping plan my sis' wedding, and I we are using a "hollywood" theme and I wanted to decorate the tables with diamond confetti. I don't know how much to purchase since none of the websites I've visited have had any kind of advice or calculator to help me figure it out.

  5. Decorating ideas for a 60th anniversary party?

    I'm planning a 60th wedding anniversary party, and am looking for some suggestions for decor that won't break the bank.

  6. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced places to have our wedding and reception in Chicago?

    We're having a small wedding (about 65 people) and some of the places I've looked at have 100 guest minimum. Also, neither of us are religious, so a church wedding would mean nothing to us.

  7. In Sims 3, where do u buy a birthday ckae and wedding stuff?

    I wanna throw my sims a wedding party, but I can't find where to buy the wedding arch and food and cake and stuff! and if I wanna throw a birthday party, where do I buy a birthday cake? Please help!

  8. How to host the perfect bridal party for low cost?

    This is my first time as a Maid of Honor and hosting a bridal shower. I have no idea what to do. Her wedding is the 12th of this coming month (her grandfather is dying of cancer at a fast rate) and I have the time date location done nothing else. I need any help I can get!

  9. How do I incorporate photography and memories for my wedding theme?

    I am racking my brain to make my wedding theme memories (already made memories and future memories). Any help?

  10. What are the things you absolutely need for a wedding?

    My wedding will be in November so was wondering what the essentials for planning a wedding...

  11. Does anyone have any suggestions on starting a party planning business?

    I know I will have to try part time first and build a business, because I have to work, but how would I go about getting started? I love planning parties, always have, birthdays, baby showers just about anything, so please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  12. Any ideas for an 80th birthday party celebration?

    I need help on gift ideas, and unique decorating, etc. It's my mom's birthday and we have rented a room at a resturant. What do you thonk of pictures of my mom during different satges - little girl, teen, wedding, etc? Thanks for all answers.

  13. Where do i get good favors for a wedding?

    I am looking to decorate my wedding in seashell and dolphin decorations. I want all the center pieces to be decorated with a glass full of sand and seashells and then a candle in the middle. I am having trouble because i want 2 dolphins jumping out of it but i cant find anything. I was thinking of chocolate dolphins jumping out and then people can take that home as a favor but i cant find anything like that. Does anyone have any suggestions of what i could do??