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Tea Party Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find Valentine's decorations this time of year for cheap?

    I need to decorate a table for a tea party and the theme is Valentine's day. Any ideas where to get stuff like valentine's day confetti?

  2. I want to have a tea party. Please help me with the details?

    I want to have a tea party. Please help me with the details? Food to serve, kind of tea, decorations, colors, hats and clothes??? Does it sound like fun. I want to invite my girlfriends for a day away. I have a lovely garden and big open deck. Maybe cakes and finger sandwiches ? Also how to set up the table .

  3. Does anyone have cute ideas for a baby shower with a "Tea Party" theme?

    I am having my shower in about a month, with a "Tea Party" theme. Invites are already sent, but I need some cute, inexpensive ideas for favors, decorations, games, desserts, etc. Thanks!

  4. alice in wonderland/mad hatter tea party bridal shower ideas?

    I am throwing my friend a Alice in wonderland tea party for her bridal shower. I would like ideas of different things like DIY decorations or cute food ideas. Pretty much any ideas or suggestions to make it a wonderful shower and as much like the mad hatter tea party as possible! Thank you!

  5. What are some good ideas for an alice in wonderland themed tea party?

    I amusing white and red streamers and scattering cards on the table. miss-matched china but is ther anything else i could do to make it perfect? i want to make it the best because it's for a friend thanks. yeah everyone was already dressing up

  6. I need ideas for an Alice and wonderland theme Birthday party for a 3 year old.?

    My daughter wants a Tea party birthday party. So Alice and Wonderland came to mind. I need help with ideas for the decoration, games/ activities, party favors. Also I need big help for ideas on what can I do for the little boy guest that come because I know they wont want to dress up and play tea party.

  7. What are some good ideas for an alice in wonderland party for my daughter's first birthday?

    This is my first time planning my own party, so all the help I can get I would appreciate it.

  8. How would you throw the best beach party?

    I am planning on throwing a beach party in Wildwood Nj for spring break. What would you do to make it the best party. If you did have a beach party what did you do, and how did it go? We also want to get on a few rides at the Pier, so im trying to squeeze that in there as well. Any idea will work as long as its reasonable.

  9. Is having a Alice in wonderland, mad hatter tea party themed wedding a stupid idea?

    I have always LOVED Alice in Wonderland, and don't want a boring plain traditional wedding (no offence) but I want to make it really pretty and not tacky by having it decorated using vintage laces and had lovely tea sets and flowers etc any other ideas?

  10. Does anyone know of a place in astoria queens that sells all kinds of cake decorating stuff like sugar flowers?

    I bought from this place one time to make my sister graduation cake but now i cant remember the name of it or find the website. Please Help my sister is having an Alice in wonderland tea party i would like to buy some flowers for cake and table decoration. If you know of any place in queens ny that sells sugar or gum paste flowers plz let me know. thank you

  11. How would I go about throwing a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style 30th birthday party?

    I have my 30th coming up next month & would love to have this theme party, but am not sure how to go about it.

  12. Alice in Wonderland party costume prizes and drinking games?

    It's for my 21st birthday I'm Alice and all the decoration and food will be wonderland themed but the guests are allowed to dress up as any fairytale characters. I need ideas to give away as prizes for the best costume and ideas for games. Thanks!