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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Crafts Questions Answered!

  1. I need games or craft/ holiday projects to do with children age 13 and under.?

    I started a community kids club in my volunteer fire and rescue department. I plan events for the kids throught the year with special focus on holiday parties for them. I have a very tight budget and would appreciate any ideas for games or projects for them.

  2. Help on Table Setting?

    I am organising a big dinner party and the theme is England/Britain.I would like to get some help about the table setting.I don't really want to spend a lot of money on it and on table consist of 10 guest sitting.

  3. how to decorate for thanksgiving? please help?

    how can i decorate my house for thanksgiving without spending a lot of money. this will be the first time i decorate and i want to do some fun crafts with my brother and sister ages 3,5,and 7. i need simple crafts with house hold items. i live in florida so there are no leaves or pine cones so i am limited. i am 13 years old so i cant go out and get stuff. also any ideas for some table decorations. thanks

  4. My Wedding Theme is Autumn/Fall, does anyone have any ideas to give me.?

    I have chosen an Autumn/Fall theme for my wedding, my colour scheme is burnt orange, rusty brown and white. I am struggling to find some ideas for my invites/menu's etc. Does anyone have any good ideas to pass on to me? Any websites that can be helpful? Please help!

  5. Cooking a thanksgiving meal?

    Hello, This year I am having Thanksgiving dinner at my house (which is not unusual) but this year we are having a lot more guest and I have four small children so looking to make things a little less hectic .. So i am just looking for some ideas on any foods that can be prepared ahead of time and froze that will still taste great? Also any tips, recipes, decor ideas! Thanks, hope to hear some great ideas! And yes... Turkey is a no brainer! o_0

  6. Nice Thanksgiving crafts?

    Ok so Thanksgiving is on Thursday I'm sure you already know that. My Grandma rented a dining room because no one in my mom's family wants to have it at their house this year.Anyways my grandma put me in charge of the decorations-table center pieces,etc.I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO MAKE!My sister and I are going to go to JoAnn's today to try and see if we can find something to make.Please tell me if you have an idea that would be simple but nice! At least give me directions and maybe even pictures if you have them!Thanks and happy Thanksgiving! would help OMG PLEASE SEND ME SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!


    I love preparing for christmas and have made some presents, decorations and cards already. I've had a rough day so I wanted to do something to prepare to christmas tonight after work. Trouble is, what is there left to do? Can you think of anything? Wow calm down. If you can't think of something nice to say don't answer. I want to look forward and plan for xmas and you shouldn't judge me on that. The people who have actually helped me you have all given lthumbs down!

  8. Thanksgiving decoration help on a budget?

    I've never had a Thanksgiving before so I don't have any decorations and I am on a budget. Any good ideas or websites? I am good with arts & crafts too so I can do creative stuff as long as it's not expensive or too complex. Also I have a lot of fall decorations for Halloween, like fake gourds and little pumpkins in baskets and autumn leafy things, I suppose I could use some of those, no? What is a way to make the table really pretty, I have plain, white dishes and silver, some of my grandmother's old silver serving trays and candle holders, and nice, simple wine glasses, I usually like things simple for all occasions but do you think that would do or would it be too plain?

  9. Thanksgiving Crafts!????HELP!?

    hi everyone! Thanksgiving is in like 22 days or something right? So my family and I are going to my Grandmothers house fo thanksgiving. Everyone put me in charge to make crafts, napkin holders, ect. The problem is I have no freakin idea what to make I have been on Familyfun.com & made one thing but all of the other stuff on there requires materials we dont have. I really don't want to spend money on anything! Help! what do I make? Thank you very much!=D Please answer!

  10. Thanksgiving-Easy 10 points =D?

    So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Where ya going? Who ya seeing? Party? Dinner? Family? Tell me everything! You exited?

  11. What fills you with nostalgia?

    Examples: Smell of cut grass, baked bread, vinyl records, my old tent. First snow of the year Fairground music Sound of seagulls

  12. autumn activities?

    What autumn/fall activities/games are there to do when you get bored? It could be anything fun. Halloween is next month, so if you know a halloween activity, please let me know. I remember in elementary school that our teacher would print out pictures and activities for us to do, when it was near the holidays (halloween, thanksgiving, christmas). We would cut out pictures and put them together. for example, a christmas activity we did was that we made an ornament cutting out paper and putting it together. If you know anything like this, you can just let me know.