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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. I want to have thanksgiving dinner in my backyard how to decorate?

    decorating ideas

  2. do you think these decoration go good?

    i am decorating my dinning room for Thanksgiving and these are my colors my curtains are a wine color so my table cloth is going to be wine color too and i have a table runner that is gold and i have gold napkins that match the table runner and gold napkin rings. my tableware is a porcelain white with a gold linning i know its hard to picture so do you think this will look nice?

  3. help with fall festival?

    We have an annual fall festival at my daycare. i am in charge of planning this year. we are a small christian daycare and any ideas would be great. We usually sell tickets but were thinking of just doing a fee at the door. don't know if that is a good idea. let me know and any ideas on activities

  4. Homemade thanksgiving decorations? Is this Decoration good?

    I am a little girl by the age of 10, but I am VERY creative. I made a Giant banner that says "Happy Thanksgiving!" and I strung it on a string and hammered the ends on high walls diagonally. The letters are PERFECT! I used math, a ruler, and proportions so the letters are all even, then I made the letter look like swiss cheese! - But, my question is: "Does anyone know any thanksgiving decorations that a little girl like me could make?" I am on the cheap side of things. I won't go out and but foam, or glass bowls, because I really don't want to waste money. Could somebody tell me any decorations I could make using materials you could find laying around the house? (felt, construction paper, etc.) - My second question: "Is this decoration okay?" The decoration I am talking about is one I will soon make. I will take a peice of orange paper and cut it into the shape of a pumpkin... It will look like the frame of a pumpkin, not a filled in one. Sort of like a pumkin-shaped picture frame. Then I will make a smaller frame the same shape but a different color. I will make smaller and smaller frams, then glue them all together so it looks like a rainbow pumpkin. I will be sure to glue an identical copy to the backside so the pumpkin is not only rainbow on one side. Then I will suspend it from the caining using strings and a hammer. Do you think this decoration is ugly? Do you have any smalll suggestions to make it better? - - Please, answer at least one question. I would appreciate if you answered nicely, not just "I don't know..." or something of that sort. If you answered both my questions, that would be great! Thank you for everything!

  5. I want to throw my mom a surprise birthday party and I don't have a clue about throwing surprise parties. Help

    It's actually for her 48th birthday coming up in December, I've never thrown a surprise birthday party ever and need ideas. I know there is a such thing as a 30th, 40th, 50th, etc birthday parties, but didn't know if it can be any age; was wondering if a 48th birthday party is ok. I just need ideas on how to throw one. Please be honest and let me know if the idea of a 48th surprise birthday party is a stupid idea. Thanks for all answers.

  6. 1st Birthday/Thanksgiving theme party---need help!!!!?

    My daughter's 1st birthday party is this Saturday and I really wanted to do a Thanksgiving theme (since her birthday falls on thanksgiving day this year), but so far I can't really find any decorations that are affordable and Thanksgiving-ey. I feel like the party is just gonna be a few streamers and tablecloths that just happen to be orange, brown, yellow, and red with some fall leaf garland around, and I'm going to feel really stupid. I also don't know what I should do with all of the kids that are coming. They will range from age 1 to age 13 (after that age I assume they'll just do their own thing at the party). I was planning on doing a pinata, but I couldn't find a turkey one, and I considered getting a Dora pinata (my daughter's favorite character) but I thought it'd be pretty traumatizing for a 1 year old to watch a little girl have the candy beat out of her. I also was thinking about doing "Pin the tail-feather on the turkey," and maybe have a candy-corn guessing game, where people estimate how many candy corns are in a jar, and the winner gets the jar or something like that, and also have guests sign a blown up picture of the birthday girl on their way into the party...but would people think that was stupid? I hope to frame it and hang it up in my daughter's room after the party. I was also wondering if you could tell me if this menu is suitable for the party, which is from 2pm-4pm, so a major meal won't be served: -Cake (duh) -Ice cream -Tortilla chips and homemade salsa -Regular wavy lays chips and french onion dip -Carrots, broccoli, celery, and cauliflower tray w/veggie dip -various crackers w/ various cheeses -fall leaves cookies -m&m cookies -chicken salad sandwiches -pb&j sandwiches -Tray w/apples, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapes And then for the little kids a smaller table which will offer: -Goldfish -Cheerios -Sweet Potato fries -Butter cookies Can anyone tell me if there is anything else I need to add, or give me decoration ideas?

  7. is this a good essay?

    A family in the United States is celebrating Thanksgiving. There is a father, a mother, a daughter, a son, an aunt they also have a dog name Pablo. They have come together for this very special day. Inside the house there’s a picture of a Native Indian chief and a picture that represents Thanksgiving. They are celebrating this holiday because it’s a traditional thing to do in the Americas. When the first European arrived to this new world they saw the Indians and the Indians treated them very nicely. They gave the European food and the European was surprised because they have never seen food like this back at home. They found out how to use rubber and make chocolate. You may think that the Europeans already know about chocolate but you’re wrong. The Europeans learn a lot of things about the Indians and how they thank their Gods for food and things that help them every day. So after conquering the land the Europeans start practicing the holidays but just only the one that live in the Americas. The family in this story and other family are doing the same thing every year. Alejandra and Fabio are the daughter and son in this family. The aunt name is Janice. The family is in the dining room getting ready for dinner. For dinner the Alejandra mom made Turkey and stuffing, gravy, apple pie, pudding, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob. They have many bottles of wine on the table for the adults, for the kids they have to drink juice or water. After dinner they all go and watch the football game which is also a thing on Thanksgiving. Outside the house there’s decoration everywhere around the neighborhood. Pablo, the dog, ran around the house three times is like he is trying to catch an invisible turkey. Everyone in the family had a great time today at dinner that they all stay up late and be together talking about their lives. What a beautiful family? This is for my project my Spanish teach made me do it. Please help i want to get N A ON THIS.