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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Turkey Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make Thanksgiving a fun holiday at my house?

    Thanksgiving at my house is much more boring than any other normal day. We wait hours for the food to be done (me and my brother just get in the way of the kitchen)...then we eat for 20 minutes, then my parents sleep the rest of the day because the turkey made them "tired", and me and my brother usually just watch tv the rest of the day. I hate thanksgiving at my house, how can I try to make it enjoyable holiday

  2. How much did you spend on your Thanksgiving dinner? This if for those of you who did the big...?

    ...traditional dinner. I had a big dinner at my house and I made everything from scratch. I spent at least $300.00 not counting the flowers and other decorations.

  3. I am hosting thanksgiving this yr with several small children?

    and would like some cute ideas for place settings and kid friendly decorations for thier kiddie table. its all boys btw. (i know this is a weird section but i figured other moms might have the best ideas.)

  4. what and how - Thanksgiving 2010 your wonderful ideas and thoughts please.?

    This year im in charge of Thanksgiving :) I will be making the turkey and well im new at cooking. I would like to know if any of you have ideas on how to make the turkey and make it a really great night. Food, Games, Decorations anything you can really think of. Recipes can help too!! From quick ones to some challenging recipes :) and yummmmmmy desserts please. THANK YOU.... THANK YOU!

  5. Any Thanksgiving Good Deeders Out There?

    I'd like to know any suggestions please, on good deeds you can do secretly for Thanksgiving. I don' t mean helping at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen by being seen and heard. Just doing a good deed anonymously. Any suggestion helps.

  6. I dont know what to do for thanksgiving?

    I have this one table and I need a website that has good printable stuff. Like a printable centerpiece. Plus do you know a website where I can find a printable turkey with a sign that says eat pork. Please I need some good ideas without having to spend alot of money. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!